Puss N Boots at Martyrs’ in Chicago, IL

Trio Sasha Dobson, Norah Jones, Catherine Popper, better known as Puss N Boots, made their Chicago debut with an intimate evening at Martyrs’.

Puss N Boots received a warm welcome on a particularly chilly night as the sold-out crowd packed into Martyrs’. Noting that they usually perform in clubs in New York, the Chicago crowd were clearly glad they made the exception to visit the Windy City. The trio have spent the week in the city so they could record new music at Wilco’s recording studio, The Loft.  

A lot of excitement had built in the run up to this show, with people shocked to hear they were scheduled to perform in a venue with a capacity of only 300. When you get the opportunity to see this caliber of musicianship at such a venue, you snap it up. The last time Norah Jones performed in the city, it was to a sold-out Chicago Theatre, with more than ten times the capacity. For those lucky enough to snag themselves a ticket before it sold out, it meant they could get very up close and personal for this intimate show. The relaxed setting meant that the music wasn’t lost in an over-produced music hall show. The music could talk for itself. 

Both sets were jam-packed with beautiful harmonies, with each of them taking turns at lead vocals, alternating with each song. Along with rotating vocalists, they also took turns at playing each of the instruments, moving from guitar to drums, to bass, joking “it’s like we’re playing musical instruments.”

The night comprised of two sets which included newly recorded tracks as well as songs they’ve covered before. Rather fitting, they were sure to include their cover of Wilco’s “Jesus, Etc.” “GTO” seemed to be a particular favorite of the crowd, which saw all three up front on guitars. Showing how new the material is to the three of them, they would occasionally pause before starting to play, laughing to one another and asking “how does this one start again?” But once they played the first note, it all seemed to come flooding back to them. 

There were a lot of people who would have loved to have attended this show but unfortunately were not able to be one of the lucky few. Hopefully, once the album is complete and released, they will venture back this way. Puss N Boots is made up of three equally strong components, which, when brought together, gives you something special. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming shows, and the finished second record.  

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