Reignwolf at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL

Reignwolf recently kicked off their headlining tour and made an energetic stop by Chicago’s Cobra Lounge, with a surprise guest. 

The sold-out Cobra Lounge was filled to capacity, spilling out into the adjacent bar area, as they chanted “Reignwolf,” hoping to entice them out that bit quicker. There’s been a lot of buzz circulating about Reignwolf, and within seconds of them taking to the stage, you can see exactly why that is. From the moment they stepped on to the small stage, they put on a high-energy performance which left everyone gasping for breath by the end. 

After seven years, Reignwolf’s debut album, Hear Me Out, was finally released earlier this month. The fact that they have garnered such a following without a release is testament to their live performances. Word has quickly spread about these shows, and after seeing their show at The Cobra Lounge, it is understandable and well-earned praise.

The set was comprised of the majority of the new release, which the crowd clearly knew very well. For every bit of energy produced on stage, it was mirrored by the eager fans. It is not surprising this compact show sold-out. They could very easily have filled somewhere at least twice the size. To say this was an energetic set is an understatement. Within minutes of Cook taking to the stage, the sweat was lashing out of him.

After driving 32 hours to get to Chicago, they looked ready to rock, and that they did. Jordan Cook is one hell of a frontman who can’t fail to grab your attention from the moment he steps out on to the stage (and when he was off the stage too, as he jumped into the crowd to bring the show even more up close and personal). All three of the guys put everything they had into this performance. You may not have been able to see Joseph Braley on drums, except for a blur of his blonde locks in the dark depths of the stage, but he certainly made his presence known. S.J. Kardash is the perfect partner upfront with Cook, as he also joining him as he jumped off the stage and into the adoring crowd. 

Their raw, electric sound is a perfect mix of blues/indie rock which you can’t help but get swept away in. Adding an extra dash of excitement to proceedings, Chicago’s Vic Spencer joined them on stage for “Fool’s Gold,” sending the energy levels from the crowd through the roof.  

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to grab tickets for this show, you don’t have to wait too long before they come back to town as it was recently announced that they will be opening for the Wu-Tang Clan this summer. 

If you haven’t yet checked these guys out, do yourself a favor and do it now. They put on one of those shows that will stay with you for a long time after. High octane shows like this do not come around every day, so make sure you keep an eye out for when they come to town.

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