Failure at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD


Failure packed the Baltimore Soundstage in Maryland and set the stage on fire, with an amazing nineties-esque show that you are sure to never forget!

The Baltimore Soundstage in the heart of Baltimore City was home to this stop for Failure. This stage has housed many big-named concerts and now Failure can be added to their list. As the crowd poured in, it was very diverse between older and younger generations. There were a lot of parents with their children.

The evening started off with the Failure trio greeting us with a full 30-minute film called Failure Documentary that will be available for all to see in 2023. It included a mix of well-known musical and actor icons such as Maynard James Keenan, Haley Williams, Tommy Lee, and Jason Schwartzman. No spoilers, but it was packed full of everything from how people discovered the band, to how the band shaped the past, present, and future of their lives. The production was phenomenally put together and very informative. The crowd sure did have even more respect for Failure now.

While Failure set up on the stage, they treated the audience to an episode of the nineties show, Ren and Stimpy. The episode was called “Space Madness” and it kept the crowd laughing while they waited. When the lights dimmed, the packed crowd erupted with cheer as Failure took to the stage.

Lead singer, Ken Andrews, greeted everyone while walking onto the stage with a big grin from ear to ear. Their first song of the night was “Submarines.” As they played, their album art animation played behind them on the screen. The crowd made sure to sway and sing along to each and every song. They made sure to play their popular hits, such as “The Nurse Who Loved MeandDaylight.” Their interesting and melodic chord progressions beautifully bounced off the walls of the Soundstage.

While Failure was the only band to perform with no openers, it gave Failure plenty of time for them to play a long two-hour set with many of their hits. After the two hours passed, the energy in the room genuinely never faded. They played a total of nineteen songs, including older material and almost all from their newest album, Wild Type Droid. It’s just so amazing that they continue to make songs that are so close to their original and successful formula, rather than going too far off course in a different genre direction. All in all, we will be anxiously waiting for their next tour.

What an amazing night. Don’t sleep on this band! There are still some dates left on their tour, be sure to check them out here.

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