Big Time Rush at the Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore, MD

Big Time Rush packed the Pier Six Pavilion with their Forever Tour and put on an amazing show after an eight-year hiatus.

Though there was a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the area, it quickly passed by and allowed the Pier Six Pavilion (previously known as the Mecu Pavilion) to open its doors. The endless line of fans went on for miles as it stretched down the street, through the parking lot, and back down a bridge around the corner from Pier six venue!

First up, was Dixie D’Amelio. Dixie is a 20-year-old Tik Tok star with an impressive 61 million followers. When she jumped up on stage, it was clear why she had so many fans. In between song breaks, she talked to the crowd about how she spent the 2020 pandemic working on and preparing her debut album. She had a ton of energy as she skipped from each side of the stage singing a variety of her songs. The crowd got to hear her hits such as “Wild,” “Someone to Blame,” and even a cover of Carrie Underwood’s song, “Before He Cheats.” After a nine-song set, she bowed and thanked everyone for coming.

Big Time Rush was next. As the house lights dimmed, the crowds chanted “Big Time Rush, Big Time Rush!” As the anticipation grew and the crowd got louder, the curtain finally dropped and revealed Big Time Rush standing on a platform. As the music started and they jumped down, everyone in the crowd went crazy and the loud screams could be heard echoing throughout the Pavilion. Understandably, fans in the audience knew every single word of the group’s older songs, but they also sang their hearts out to their newly released songs. You could feel the energy radiating. After all, The Forever Tour is their first tour in almost eight full years.

They really know how to put on a show. There was so much crowd interaction that it felt like you were part of the family. Big Time Rush played a game called storytime in which they wanted to know who skipped out on what they were doing to be at the show. The first response was from someone in the crowd named Maya, whose power was out. James then began to ad-lib a song about it while playing on the keyboard. Another fan skipped out on a date to be there.

There were many memorable moments. After performing “No Idea,” James mentioned that while he sang the line “You put a lightning bolt on my face line,” he actually saw a lightning bolt in the sky and it was a very surreal moment for him. During the song, “Paralyzed,” the boys surprised the fans by jumping off the stage and running into different parts of the crowd to sing the song. Every single fan was so eager to be picked when each of the guys went around the pavilion to pick a worldwide girl to serenade on stage during the song, “Worldwide.” There were also giant drawn-on beach balls being thrown around in the crowd, making everyone anxiously try to get a chance to hit them.

The production of the show was phenomenal. There was everything from smoke machines, CO2 smoke cannons, confetti, and strobe lights. Their stage presence was simply perfect, showcasing consistent energy and flawless choreography throughout the entire set. They all promised they will be back on another tour again soon. Be sure to check out their remaining show dates here.

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