Rainbow Kitten Surprise at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO

Rainbow Kitten Surprise headed to the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. for their much-anticipated return after two years.

Opening for a show of this magnitude is certainly no small feat, but Briston Maroney was definitely up for it. While Briston Maroney is the lead singer’s name, he is supported by a full band and they opened with “Bottle Rocket” from their 2021 debut album, Sunshine. During the opening set, the venue was already close to full capacity, with most of the fans knowing the songs. Their ability to keep 9,500 people excited and attentive for a full set proves they were the right band for the occasion. This was made all the more obvious when they played their version of “No Rain,” the popular Blind Melon song, and had the crowd singing along. A band finishing with their most popular song, which for Briston Maroney is “Freakin’ Out on the Interstate,” is always a smart choice and was the best way for the set to end.

Summertime at an outdoor amphitheater always brings the perfect ambiance to the opening song of the headliner. As the crew set up the stage, the sun went down, it’s like the house lights going off before the band walks out. A full moon night illuminated the crowd as their excitement grew until the stage lights all turned rainbow colored and Ela Melo and the rest of Rainbow Kitten Surprise walk onto the stage. Opening with “Hide” from How to: Friend, Love, and Freefall, the first thing Ela did was walk right off the stage and into the crowd. Once back on the stage, the show seemed to go on without a break.

They played songs from each of their albums until arriving at their most recently released single, “Work Out.” The band finally took a short break to speak, thanking the crew, the crowd, the wardrobe/makeup artist, stagehands, lighting, management, and even their tour photographer. This served as an introduction to their first unreleased song of the night called “Love 4 Us.” Perfectly encapsulating their genre-bending sound is “Run” which the guitarist really got into by using a Budweiser bottle in place of his fingers to play his instrument before the band triumphantly walked off stage before their encore.

Taking an extended break, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, with the inclusion of Briston Maroney, finally came back out to a very 80s-themed lighting setup and synth-inspired song, yet no one seemed to know what it was. Slowly the crowd realized it was a cover of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, and Briston had come back to the stage to sing it. Next, they played one of their most popular songs “Cocaine Jesus,” followed by their second unreleased song of the night “Drop Stop Roll.”

Rainbow Kitten Surprise also ended their set in a way they knew would make fans want more, with their most popular “It’s Called: Freefall.” Fans will be happy though as the band should headline many more nights at Red Rocks and making the trip to see them there is worth it for anyone thinking about it in the future.

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