Tate McRae at The Basement East in Nashville, TN

Tate McRae @ Basement East, Nashville | Photo by Gary Johnson

The most recent and popular high school graduate Tate McRae brings her North American tour to an intimate stop in Music City.

English singer-songwriter Amelia Webb, better known as Mimi Webb, opened the night. As she walked on stage, the crowd filled the venue with screams full of excitement. Webb began her set with the popular single “Before I Go.” Her personal and intimate lyrics pierced the room as the audience sang along with her.

Webb continued their set with songs such as “Halfway” and “24/5.” By now, it was evident that her powerful vocals weren’t just pretty notes, but she penetrates your heart with lyrics that leave her completely vulnerable. To further that notion, she asked the audience if anyone had ever fallen in love before, to which everyone cheered in agreement. She followed with a performance of her song “Dumb Love.” In the same vein, she continued with a beautiful cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.” She ended with “House On Fire,” followed by her most-streamed song “Good Without.”

Before Tate McRae entered the stage, her band of two played an intro to a cool light sequence, revealing McRae’s “T8” towards the back of the stage. Seconds later, the crowd screamed at the top of their lungs as McRae walked on stage with two dancers.

McRae started strong, opening with “stupid.” Her catchy lyrics filled the atmosphere as everyone sang along. In addition to her stunning vocals, McRae brought an amazing stage presence with incredible choreography.

Just from this first song, it was impossible to deny her connection with her fans. Whether that’s due to her incredibly relatable lyrics, or the fact that a lot of her fans are around the same age as her–she made it known that she was here for them.

Without missing a beat, McRae continued her set with “r u ok,” from her latest EP TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD, and “happy face” from her previous EP All The Things I Never Said. The audience whole-heartedly sang along to both songs as McRae stood singing from center stage. She followed with “all my friends are fake” and more alluring dance moves.

After following with “bad ones,” McRae brought her energy down a few levels and took a seat. She then performed “One Day,” the song that began her music career as we know it. Stripped down to just piano, the performance allowed her vocals to shine. She continued her set with another ballad, “that way,” and “You,” her collaboration with Troye Sivan and Regard, where she brought back the energy and impeccable choreography with her backup dancers.

Moving past the middle of her set, McRae performed a heartfelt cover of The Script’s “Breakeven,” which she said she constantly relates to. Then after singing “wish i loved you in the 90s,” she explained that back in November, she was going through a lot of changes, including finishing high school, moving to LA, and getting her first apartment. On top of all of that, she was going through her first real heartbreak and had no words to write, until one day she told her producers that she just “felt like s***,” which became the name of the song she played next.

Arriving at the end of her set, McRae didn’t let the energy die. She performed her latest single “chaotic,” “rubberband,” and then ended with another recent single “she’s all i wanna be.” McRae, her dancers, and two-man-band made a sudden exit off stage, but it wasn’t long before the crowd was screaming for more. However, she didn’t make them wait long. They all came back out to perform her most popular song “you broke me first.”

After two nights in Nashville, Tate McRae still has a few more dates left on her tour in North America. Make sure you get a ticket and check her latest single “chaotic.”

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