Book of Bad Decisions by Clutch

Clutch have managed to put together an amazing story and very well written music in one amazing Book of Bad Decisions.

Being innovative is what many artists need to aspire to be. Some bands do succeed at this, but the area of time that a band can stay relevant and innovative can range from being very short to lasting decades. Staying relevant is something that the legendary Maryland rocker’s Clutch have managed to accomplish with their latest and probably most technically amazing album to date, Book of Bad Decisions. This album is not just the pinnacle for the band’s career, but a milestone for rock n’ roll and heavy metal as well. With 15 songs jam-packed with pure talent, longtime Clutch fans will definitely blast this hundreds of times and new fans will surely flock to the sound of the contents in this album.

One of the things that stood out the most about the band’s new album is that, the title Book of Bad Decisions is very fitting because while Tim, Dan, and Jean-Paul are bringing the powerhouse of their instruments, Neil Fallon takes the listener on a journey, with several vocal ranges all while telling you a story. Creating music that pieces together a story while also creating an album of songs with lyrics that the listener can relate to is not an easy task to take on, but all of the members of Clutch make that task seem like a cakewalk. Some of the lyrics are fun, some of the lyrics are angry, but the entire story is quite the amazing tale.

Clutch manages to bring such a groove behind the vocals, it all blends perfectly. The intro track “Gimme the Keys” is an awesome way to start off the album and with no pun being intended, takes the listener for a ride as it fades into a full smack of the instruments over Neil’s deep soulful voice. There’s such a range with more powerful songs like “Weird Times” which has one of the most awesome choruses of the whole record. The passion and soul really slow down to bring a unique trippy melody for the outro track “Lorelei.” Book of Bad Decisions is that album that people would want to put on with their friends, play loudly, and have an amazing time too.

The package as a whole is pure legendary magic and is something that only Clutch could manage to put together. The music is emotional, groovy, and heavy. Produced by American six-time Grammy winner Vance Powell who also has worked with several amazing acts in the past, there is no way that this album would let you down. This album in itself has a world that you can escape with not only with the music, melodies, and vocals, but can also hear some great stories. In 1993, Clutch came into the world and in 2018, they still have a huge impact on the world of rock n’ roll.

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