All Time Low at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ

After a year away, All Time Low from Baltimore Maryland is back and ready to make some noise.

The first tour of 2019 was the “it’s 10 years later and it’s still nothing personal tour.” The band had eight shows and celebrated the album that was the turning point for them in 2009 Nothing Personal. The announced shows sold out within minutes, so if you weren’t waiting for tickets there was a very small chance you’d actually get one. Among the 15 years they have been a band, they have gained quite the following for a couple of guys who came from Baltimore.

All Time Low came out to the stage at Sayreville’s Starland Ballroom and kicked up the energy with the song “Weightless” which is about feeling stuck and trying to get yourself out of that mentality and moving forward. A famous line from the song is, “Maybe it’s not my weekend but it’s gonna be my year.” Alex Gaskarth, one of the masterminds behind the band, knows how to get the crowd moving. As soon as the music started the crowd got wild and the surfers started, and the fans started singing along. Keeping up with the amazing energy they played “Break Your Little Heart” and “Damned If I Do Ya” next which got everyone off their feet. What can we say about the song “Lost In Stereo”? Well, this one is the song tells everyone it’s okay to get lost in the music. Jack Barakat and Zack Merrick sure do, as they nailed the high jumps and the stage tricks they’ve learned over the years. 

Many people noticed Jack Barakat was wearing My Chemical Romance t-shirt but what they didn’t expect was when Rian Dawson started drumming the song “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).” The guys decided to tease the crowd a bit by joining in and then went into playing a cover of the song in honor of My Chemical Romance’s recent reunion. The crowd’s cheers were unbelievable and to keep the surprises going, Alex announced that he would be playing two songs that they’ve never played live until this tour – “Walls” and “Hello Brooklyn.” Jumping into a more emotional side, the band played “Therapy,” which has helped many people face their depression and anxiety. The words, “Love yourself so no one has to,” has been a staple of the album Nothing Personal.

As All Time Low exited stage right, the crowd started the cheers for an encore. As everyone started chanting “ATL” repeatedly, the band ran back out with a change of shirts and the hype from the crowd. The encore was “Jasey Rae “and “Dear Maria Count Me In” from the album So Wrong, It’s Right. “Jasey Rae” was a crowd-pleaser as one of the very lucky fans was able to join them on stage and sing along as they played through the song. Jack stepped away from the mic and let the fan go savage, even doing a mic swing. The biggest staple in the band’s career is “Dear Maria Count Me In.” They’ve played it since 2005 and somehow it just gets better every time they play it. It’s the most well-known song and most played song in the active years of the band 2005-present. Before the band left, they made a few announcements like thanking the crowd and most importantly thanking security for keeping all the fans safe and sound during the shows.

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