Glenn Hughes at the Arcada Theatre in St Charles, IL

Glenn Hughes puts on an electrifying performance at the Arcada Theatre in St Charles, as he brings the Classic Deep Purple Live tour to town.

If there’s one thing the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer knows how do, it’s entertain a crowd. For more than two hours, Glenn Hughes put on one hell of a show for the St Charles crowd. When he’s been on tour as a solo act or with Black Country Communion tours, he always incorporates some songs from his time with Deep Purple, but this is the first time he’s done pure Purple for an entire show, and the fans are loving it!

It’s no wonder Hughes’ fans refer to him as “The Voice of Rock.” It is truly incredible to witness him still effortlessly hitting the falsetto notes he is known for. At 66 years old, he is certainly not losing any range to that voice and having been on tour non-stop since January 2017, he is also not showing any signs of slowing down. 

The current Deep Purple line up were just in the area a few weeks ago, but this is a completely different show to that one. Dressed in a 70s Flower Power outfit, Hughes brought the era to life as he performed the songs from his time in the band. For those fans who were not around to witness this at the time, Hughes transported the crowd back to the early 70s, concentrating the live versions of the songs, rather than the studio versions. 

Hughes is a genuine rock n roll spirit and a true showman, engaging the audience throughout the show. It always makes a show that bit more special when the artist looks like they are enjoying it themselves, and this was one of those nights as he had a look of sheer joy on his face throughout. This happiness and excitement was clearly shared by the crowd who were on their feet for the entire night and looked throughly engrossed with the performance. 

Besides the incredible voice, Hughes is also a talented musician, keeping perfect time on his bass whilst strutting around the stage and entertaining the crowd like a true professional frontman. He didn’t even miss a beat as he bent down to get in a selfie with a member of the audience. 

The show started off how it meant to go on with “Stormbringer” before heading into “Might Just Take Your Life” and “Sail Away.” Without doubt, however, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly their performance of “Smoke On The Water” which segued into “Georgia State of Mind” which once again showcased the range of Hughes’ voice. The night was brought to a raucous conclusion with “Burn.”

The tour might be coming towards the end, but it surely won’t be long before he’s back out on the road once more. He can’t help himself.

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