Jonathan Davis at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV

Jonathan Davis brings his solo music to Las Vegas with the Black Labyrinth Tour with support provided by Julien-K.

Kornhas been a mainstay in the music scene for over twenty years with a devote following.  That following has shown up tonight to see Jonathan Davis perform his solo material, which is a first for many in attendance.  Up first is Julien-k and electronic rock band that is comprised of former members of Orgy.  The stage is lit in bright colors of reds and blues primarily as the band takes the stage.  Frontman Ryan Shuck is an imposing figure in the center of the stage in black leather.  He commands the stage and grabs your attention right from the start.  As a founding member of Orgy, Shuck knows what it takes to entertain a crowd and he does that now.  He alternates his time from being behind the microphone at the center of the stage to lunging and prowling around the front, interacting with the fans.  The industrial sound of the music is refreshing and delivered perfectly.  They go through tracks like “Flashpoint Riot” which is a crowd favorite to “Strange Invisible” and “Photo Voltaire.”  Shuck takes the time towards the end of the set to thank one of his oldest friends from Bakersfield California, Jonathan Davis. 

After a set that seems almost too short due to how much everyone is enjoying it, Shuck explains that they are the guys from Orgy and they are going to play the song that made them famous.  The notes to “Blue Monday” start, which is the song that launched Orgy into popularity and this version is perfect.  It is a great way to end a fantastic set with the band showing where they came from but also where they are now.

Jonathan Davis is up next.  The stage is lit red and Ray Luzier from Korn walks to the drum kit and begins to play, announcing the start of the set.  This is exactly how Korn begins their shows, but this is where the similarity ends.  The band is comprised of Luzier (drums), Chris Nix (guitar), Brian Allen (upright bass) and Davis.  There is also a keyboard player at times but not tonight.  These instruments create a unique sound and it is like being on a journey through the mind of Davis.  They open with “Underneath my Skin” then move into “Everyone.”  Up next is “Forsaken” from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack that Davis wrote.  This was a surprise for many in attendance as they didn’t seem to be expecting songs from this album, but it was a welcome addition because these songs are fantastic.  He also plays “Slept So Long,” and “System” from this soundtrack.  The rest of the set is filled with songs like “Medicate” and “Your God” and a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Love on the Rocks.”  It is an interesting eclectic set that really lets you see the depth of Davis’ musical abilities.  

Davis delivered a powerful and emotional set which really gave fans an intimate look at the artist himself.  As he said when he began the night, “Welcome to my Black Labyrinth” and the crowd really did get that feeling.  It was like they were invited inside or behind the curtain so to speak and it left them with a great appreciation for the man, his music and his vision.

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