Pestilent Dawn by Throne

Exploding with savagery and laced with menacing technical riffs, Pestilent Dawn by Throne is a tremendous blackened death metal album.

The title and cover art alone on Throne’s latest album Pestilent Dawn is captivating. It conjures images of a tortured world writhing under clouds of wretched miasma. When the music begins, the feast of death is incessant.

Throne Pestilent Dawn Cover

The foreboding intro brings to mind Revelations 9:1, “And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit.” When the song “Amongst The Sinners, They Came Forth” strikes, we hear the opening of the gates of hell. It unfolds in a blistering blast wave of drums, guitars, and snarling vocals. You can actually feel the piercing of dimensional space into the black void through the psychotic guitar solo.

Several songs on this album brought visions of hellish landscapes. In particular, scenes from movies such as Event Horizon, Prince of Darkness, and Hellraiser. The music on Pestilent Dawn captures the terror exquisitely. For example, “And They Shall Weep” wails in horror with the merciless barrage of drums and the chord selection keyed to unlock chaos. The visions of the crew of the Event Horizon tearing out their own eyes marries perfectly with the fierce malevolence this song portrays.

As on Throne’s first EP Altar Of The Dying, there is a black metal vein running within the music on Pestilent Dawn. This comes through most clearly on “Born of Death” and “All Creation Wept” in the form of cascading single note flourishes emboldened with tormenting drums. The fuzz-wah bass on “Born of Death” adds an evil touch.

Be sure to revel in guest performances that Throne has incorporated into the album. This includes the scalding grows of David Gregor (Morta Skuld) on “All Creation Wept.” The malicious rasp of Clint Franklin (Recorruptor) on “Beyond Malice.” Vocal wrath inflicted by Patrick McDonagh (Mutilatred) on “In the Midst of Chaos.” And finally a scintillating guitar solo from Kris Finison (Dagon) on “All Creation Wept.”

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For those new to Throne, the band is Nathan Barnes (vocals/guitar), Joe Kesselring (guitar), Kollin Perpignani (drums), and Les Drake (bass). Pestilent Dawn was recorded and mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios. Mastering was handled by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The captivating imagery on this album is from Brian Sheehan. You can get the album now via Redefining Darkness Records.

On Pestilent Dawn, Throne has crafted a death metal album that showcases their songwriting and technical chops. Each song radiates with brutal intensity. The bludgeoning attack is relentless and enthralling. Throne is creating visceral music that brings new life to death metal.

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