A Day To Remember at Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC

Eight months after the release of their seventh album, A Day To Remember brought the energy on their appropriately named Re-Entry Tour to Township Auditorium.

The night began with a powerful opening set by Point North, the California-based rock band. With two studio albums to their name, Point North put on a show consisting of original hits before ending their portion of the night with a cover song, “hammer” by nothing, nowhere. 

Lead singer Jon Lundin was sure to thank the tour for having them, asking the crowd to “please make some f***ing noise for the Re-Entry Tour, bands and crew!” Point North delivered the energy, preparing the audience for the show to come. 

Fans didn’t have to wait long before the second act, British formed Asking Alexandria, took the stage. Lead vocalist Danny Worsnop took some time to reflect on the effects Covid-19 had on the band. “It didn’t take us very long to get a little bit bored, a little bit stir-crazy.”, he remembered. “So we all got in the studio together, for the first time, together, at the same time as a band, in 11 years.” This prompted the making of their seventh studio album, See What’s on the Inside, which was released October 1st. 

The band talks a little bit about this album and what it means to them. It’s not unusual to hear of bands promoting their new music, but Danny Worsnop acknowledges that. “You guys have heard the same bullsh*t from every artist you’ve ever f***ing heard so I’m gonna just be truthful and honest… We think it’s pretty f***ing good, and we hope that you guys love it too.”

With an abundance of Asking Alexandria fans in the audience, the band played a 50-minute set of non-stop hits, both old and new, to a screaming crowd. They ended their set by thanking the audience, closing with “Alone in a Room” from their self-titled 2017 album. 

A Day To Remember truly lived up to their name, making it a day, or night, that no one in attendance will soon forget. Early lines formed down Taylor Street, with fans anxiously awaiting doors to open.

A Day to Remember was formed in 2003 in Ocala, Florida, and has since released an impressive seven studio albums. Founded by guitarists Tom Denney and Bobby Scruggs, who are no longer playing with the band. After 17 years and a couple of lineup changes, the band still knows how to put on a show. 

They kicked off their set with the upbeat 2013 hit “Right Back At It Again,” which once again had fans jumping and singing along. The rest of the set was filled with passion flowing from both the band and the audience. The production included flying toilet paper rolls, beach balls, and even an astronaut figure firing a t-shirt cannon at the crowd. With the addition of smoke and confetti, the show was just as entertaining to watch as it was to hear. Crowd-surfers and mosh pits were a clear indicator of the insane energy. 

After the set ended, chants of “one more song” spread quickly throughout the crowd. Lead singer Jeremy McKinnon hopped back on stage and said, “Somebody told us the other day that we’ve been a band for something like 17 years now.” He continued, “With that long of a career, you think it’s probably time to stop playing one song for encores.” The band then treated the crowd to three more songs, including an acoustic version of ‘If It Means a Lot To You” and finally ending the night with a hit from their 2009 album, Homesick, “The Downfall of Us All.”

It was a night filled with enthusiasm, with both fans and artists happy to get back to live music after these crazy times. 

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