At The Gates at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI

Extreme metal fans of Detroit drink from the night itself with the legendary Swedish death metal of At The Gates supported by Shock Narcotic and Throne.

The iconic death metal of At The Gates is swinging into Detroit at Saint Andrews Hall for a special headlining gig. At The Gates have been on tour for nearly a year and a half following the release of To Drink From The Night Itself in April of 2018. As part of the Amon Amarth Berserker tour with Arch Enemy, At The Gates are back in the states to share their unique brand of Swedish death metal with fans. To say that we are stoked for this “day-off” special performance is an understatement.

The first terrifying beats from the opening band Throne draw immediate attention from the fans. It is as if a gigantic hand sweeps through the crowd while a malevolent voice demands that you look and listen. Throne is Nathan Barnes (vocals/guitar), Kollin Perpignani (drums), Joe Kesselring (guitar), and Leslie Drake (bass). Guitar and bass unleash a storm of vicious and blackened riffs as the drums blast the war dance of the damned. If you haven’t checked this band out yet, then grab a copy of their debut album Altar of the Dying and unleash the beast.

Next up is the sonic maelstrom of Shock Narcotic. The members of Shock Narcotic include Shawn Knight from Child Bite (vocals), Zack Gibson from Shitlife and Black Dahlia Murder (drums), Jeff Tuttle from Old Gods and Dillinger Escape Plan (guitars), and Don Slater from Battlecross (bass). Their debut album I Have Seen the Future and It Doesn’t Work was just released on Housecore Records.

Shock Narcotic’s performance is an explosion of sound. A torrent of blasting rhythms creates a canvas for howling guitars and vocal insanity. The music casts physical contortions upon the musicians. The electric blue and malevolent red lights paint their writhing forms. Shawn Knight dives into the crowd and rides on a fan’s shoulders. This is musical mayhem at its best.

A roar fills Saint Andrews as the house lights drop signaling the approach of At The Gates. The intro of “Der Widerstand” allows the band to arrive on stage. The stage burns under flashing red, yellow, and white lights while the band tears into “To Drink from the Night Itself.”

The core of At The Gates remains with Martin Larsson (guitar), Tomas Lindberg (vocals), Jonas Björler (bass), Adrian Erlandsson (drums). New guitarist Jonas Stålhammar rounds out the lineup. A mosh pit swirls while the band storms into “Slaughter Of The Soul.” The intensity of this music is reflected in grimaces and snarls on the faces of the band. Fans up at the barrier throw the horns and shout as Tomas raises a hand to his ear. Tomas mentions how good it feels to be at this show full of At The Gates fans.

This headlining event allows At The Gates to provide an expansive set that delves into the depths of their catalog. They treat us to “The Swarm” from their incredible Terminal Spirit Disease album. Many long-time fans are in heaven when the band goes way back with “Raped By The Light of Christ.” Contrasting this song with “Nausea” and “The Mirror Black” allows us to revel in the ground-breaking and legendary metal that At The Gates has created. After just a moment off stage, the band returns for three more songs including a neck-wrecking rendition of “Blinded By Fear” which brings the show to a close. The cathartic experience of this evocative evening of extreme music still resonates after the show has ended.

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