Plain White T’s at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas Nevada

Plain White T’s bring their Parallel Universe Tour to Las Vegas with support from Armors, SayWeCanFly, and A Summer’s High.

Friday night brings a crowd out that are looking for a good time and tonight’s lineup of happy music is sure to deliver on that.  Four bands promise to provide a long night of music and the crowd are there from the very beginning.  A Summer’s High an American pop rock band from Pennsylvania kick off the night.  They are a fun band with songs like “Pretty Little Liar” and “Here to Stay” they get the night started on the right note.  Up next is the acoustic performance of SayWeCanFly, Braden Barrie.  His soulful solo performance captures the crowd as they listen to the music and connect with the songs.

It is now time to move to the main bands, Armors from Orange County are next.  They are more of an alternative band and they fit well with this crowd.  This three-piece band deliver a unique sound with a lot of unusual or less mainstream instruments including piano, ukulele, and synthesizer.  Olen Kittelsen has a beautiful voice that melds with the music and creates an atmosphere that the crowd loves.  People start dancing and the room is smiling.  The overall happiness of this night is being felt by all.  

Plain White T’s are next and it has been a while since they have played Las Vegas.  The crowd is excited and they are dancing right from the beginning of the set.  With the new album Parallel Universe out, it is a perfect time for them to return to the stage.   They do play a lot of songs off of this album which is expected, but these are classic Plain White T’s songs.  It is clear that the crowd knows these songs as well and they are not just there to hear the old classics like “1, 2, 3, 4” and “Hey There Delilah.”  This is nice to see because too often when bands have been on a little break, intentional or not, the crowds don’t know the new music.  Performance-wise it is well done, Tom Higgenson delivers the vocal perfectly so that it sounds like you are listening to the album.  The guitar section of Dave Tirio, Tim Lopez and Mike Retondo blend their sound and instruments including electric and acoustic guitars and ukulele together to mesh with the vocal perfectly.  Drummer De’Mar Hamilton is a standout with an energetic performance that just adds to the overall feeling of the show.  They move through the set with songs like “The Giving Tree,” “Sick of Love” and “Take Me Away” while the crowd sing and dance along.  Four bands can be a long night yet no one in the crowd is showing any signs of slowing down.  

This is an overall fun and happy show that is infectious.  You may have arrived at the show in a bad mood, but after four happy bands like these, you certainly didn’t leave in a bad mood.  

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