Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown and The Temperance Movement at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown and The Temperance Movement brought their co-headlining tour to Chicago, with special guests Thomas Wynn and the Believers.

What a night for music this one was! Lincoln Hall in Chicago was treated to three fantastic bands, each bringing their own brand of rock and roll to the table. Thomas Wynn and the Believers were first up and kicked the night off with an impressive show of harmonies and lyrics which evoke powerful imagery. Thomas’ rocky tones were offset by his sister Olivia’s beautiful voice which elicited a chorus of “wow” from the audience the first time they heard her let loose. Throughout the set, the audience cheered and applauded to show their appreciation for the musicianship. Although they are no strangers to Chicago, this being their third visit to the area in little over a year, they clearly caught the attention of some new fans from this set. Whether you’ve heard the song before or not, you can’t help but sing along to the catchy chorus of “Wade Waist Deep” which brings out the vocalist in all of us, without exception.

It’s been way too long since the last time The Temperance Movement came to the US and Chicago alike. The shouts from the fans in the audience reflected this sentiment. This time around, they aren’t doing such an extensive tour and it’s not surprising since Phil mentioned how much of a toll the last tour took on them as a band. But they are back and it’s fair to say they were welcomed with open arms from their Chicago fanbase with plenty of cheers of love and support. 

Getting straight down to business, they opened their set with “Caught In The Middle” from their latest release, A Deeper Cut. This upbeat number set the pace and the tone for the set. This was an energetic performance which saw Phil bust out his signature dance moves which helped kick things up a notch. Campbell is one of those standout frontmen who has you captivated throughout the set, not only with his dancing, but also with his incredible voice which has the perfect balance of grit and soul which is shown off to it’s best during “Ain’t No Telling” which has the whole audience singing and dancing along. 

Throughout their set, Paul Sayer and Matt White bounced off each other, taking turns for the solos. The rocky riffs took a backseat for the slower “A Deeper Cut” which saw Campbell pick up the acoustic guitar, giving the night a momentarily different pace. The set was then rounded out with the rocky “Built-In Forgetter.” The Temperance Movement boys will clearly always be welcome Stateside. Here’s hoping they don’t leave it so long next time.

It really takes something special to take to the stage after The Temperance Movement, but then again Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown aren’t just anyone. Their performance took the energy to a whole new level from the moment they emerged. 

Bryant is Texas-born but relocated to Nashville. The musical influences from these two locations, as well as the Chicago Blues, are clearly evident in his sound. This is demonstrated best during their version of Muddy Waters’ “Got My Mojo Working” which is a gritty, dirty rock version of the blues classic. If you haven’t heard this version before, seriously do yourself a favor and give it a listen to now! (But maybe finishing reading this first!) Whilst Bryant has clearly been influenced by the blues, their dirty, grungey guitar-laden songs offer the perfect blend.

They put on a magnetic performance which kept the audience enthralled and on their toes all night. Tyler’s smile said it all as he was fully engaged with the crowd, who crept closer and closer to the stage with each song. As much as Bryant is a firecracker on stage, barely standing still for a second, you can’t help but also appreciate the musicianship of the rest of the band. Graham Whitford also had his moments to shine, and you couldn’t fail to notice Caleb Crosby’s energetic performance on the drums, often taking to his feet and making his presence known. 

Their latest album Truth and Lies was released at the end of June and is garnering them a lot of attention. From this performance, it is clear to see why. The set predominantly consisted of songs from this new release and the reaction from the audience mirrored the press they have been receiving. From the moment they opened with “Shock & Awe,” it was full steam ahead for the remainder of the evening.

This co-headlining tour was only a brief one, but as they all go their separate ways, they each have additional tour dates ahead. If you get to see any one of these bands, you’re sure to be in for a great night!

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