The Veer Union at Rockstar Bar in Las Vegas, NV

The Veer Union closed out their Rock Shop Records Spring Tour in Las Vegas, NV with a high-energy impressive set that left the crowd ready for more.

The Rockstar Bar and Grill is the newest rock club in Las Vegas and if they keep putting on shows like this, they will only get bigger. Starting with its perfect location near the Las Vegas Strip, the venue is the perfect size and set up for a club with a good mix of tables and standing room with a bar in the back. They are starting to get more and more shows here and they hit it out of the park with this one. On this night, The Veer Union closes out their Rock Shop Records Spring Tour. 

The Veer Union was founded in the early 2000s and hails from Vancouver, Canada. If you attended hard rock or metal festivals around that time, you were sure to have seen them. This alternative rock or post-grunge band has toured with some of the biggest names in their genre from Sick Puppies to Seether, but tonight they showed they are more than capable of headlining their own set. The night is jam-packed with music from local bands to other bands finishing up this tour. All the bands are amazing for coming to the end of a long run but The Veer Union really stood out.

Vocalist Crispen Earl commands the stage and manages to make this small venue feel not only intimate but large at the same time. For the whole band, you can tell they are having a blast doing what they do. The set is classic alternative rock with songs like “Awaken,” “Living Not Alive,” Defying Gravity,” and “Divide the Blackened Sky.” Whether it is an old familiar song to the crowd or a new song, their energy level remains high for the whole set and they sing along to all the songs they know. The band interacts with the crowd and the other bands watching from the floor. They take time to share shots with these bands and toast everyone in attendance.

Unlike many other shows, no one is leaving early. In fact, the crowd seems to be getting bigger, drawing in people from the outside who have been at the late-night driving range, because yes, one of the unique things about this venue is the fact that it is located on a golf course. The newcomers clearly don’t know The Veer Union but they have been drawn in by the great music they could hear outside and maybe a cold beer. This is, after all, a holiday weekend and people are ready to let loose and have some fun and this four-piece really delivers.  

The newer members of Ryan Ramsdell (guitar), Ricardo Viana (drums), and Winston Wolfe fit in perfectly but that is to be expected as no one is really new to this band. These guys all fit together and the music sounds perfect. It is exactly what the old fans want to hear and it definitely gained them some new ones too. They are out on tour in support of their current album Manifestations. The songs from this album blend perfectly with their older catalog. Before this, their last studio album Slaves to the System was released in 2020 and this performance shows the crowd is definitely ready for The Veer Union to keep delivering great music every couple of years, or sooner.

The set closed out this tour perfectly and launched the holiday weekend. No one that went to this show regretted it. They were probably texting their friends who missed it telling them what a stupid move that was. Hopefully, they will tour again soon and if they come to your town, definitely go. Do not miss them again.

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