Nothing More at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI

Nothing More delivers a high-energy set of rock for fans both old and new with support from Atreyu and Eva Under Fire.

Opening the show is emerging rock band Eva Under Fire from Detroit, led by powerhouse vocalist Eva Marie (Amanda Lyberg). Leading off their set is the rocker “Comatose” which has her belting it out, jumping, headbanging, and throwing in kicks. The song also has a great bass groove from Edward Joseph. They have been gaining fans over the past few years and their recent single “Blow” is getting plenty of airplay on local radio, at a national level on SiriusXM Octane, and is moving up the charts. During the song, Eva Marie has the crowd jumping and gets in the photo pit to sing to fans at the front. The song also has Corey Newsom crushing the drums. Slowing things down, they play “Heroin(e).” Eva introduces ”The Strong” as a love song that “we wrote for you.” It is an emotion-packed song that shows off Eva Marie’s voice and has the crowd waving their arms from side to side. 

Eva Under Fire also plays the rocking song “Another Shot Through the Heart” which is from their forthcoming album. During the song “Coming For Blood,” rhythm guitarist and background vocalist Christopher Slapnick uses the photo pit to get up close to the fans and deliver some rapping. Closing out their set, they play a killer cover of Journey’s “Separate Ways” which features lead guitarist Rob Lyberg nailing the riffs and solo. Judging by the crowd’s reaction of fist pumps and loud cheers, they have gained some more fans tonight. They already have plenty of family, friends and fans in the house tonight being from the local area. Keep a look out for them as their future looks bright. They will be releasing the album Love, Drugs & Misery in the fall.

Next up is California-based rockers Atreyu, who has been entertaining fans for over 20 years. This time around they have former drummer Brandon Saller stepping out front to take on the clean vocal duties. He certainly seems to be comfortable in that role as he works the whole stage and gets the fans engaged in the action. They kick off their set with “Strange Powers of Prophecy” and follow that up with the title track from their 2021 release Baptize. They take it all the way back to 2004 for “Right Side of the Bed” which has bassist Marc McKnight handling the unclean vocals.

Following “The Time Is Now,” Brandon shows up in the crowd toward the back of the floor and introduces a fan favorite, “Ex’s and Oh’s.” It features guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, as they tear it up. By now, the fans are getting more amped as many are crowd-surfing and a mosh pit has opened on the floor. “Save Us” and “Falling Down” keep the crowd moving. Kyle Rosa who has taken over on drums for Brandon gives them a beating on “Battle Drums” and throughout the set. Brandon leads the crowd in singing and clapping on “Warrior,” a radio hit in 2021. Between songs, Brandon leads the fans in some repeat after me singing that culminates with Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” which has the crowd knowing the following lines. It is not something you expect to hear at a hard rock concert. They close out their set with the highly popular song “Blow” which finds the fans wanting much more.

Nothing More keeps things rolling along and they get the crowd really fired up, opening their set with the high-energy song “Turn It Up Like (Stand In the Fire)” from their forthcoming new album. Vocalist Jonny Hawkins even surprises the crowd and gets atop the metal rig called The Scorpion Tail and rides it up high to deliver some wild sounds. They usually save that highlight for the end of the set.

Fans have been anxiously waiting for new music and to see them live again and they waste no time showing the band their appreciation with loud cheers. After “Let ‘Em Burn,” Jonny gets behind some drums and kicks off “Christ Copyright” with some rapid-fire drumming amid strobe lights. He is very much the focal point of their shows with his endless energy as he jumps, spins, punches the air, and gives it his all on every song.

“Mr. MTV” and “Do You Really Want It?” continue to build up the momentum as a mosh pit has opened on the floor, several are crowd-surfing to the front, and the rest of the crowd is fully engaged, singing along and bouncing. There are many young fans in the crowd tonight including one atop his mom’s shoulders. It is great to see Nothing More expanding their reach with new fans and across the age spectrum. They slow things down with “Tunnels” and the hit “Jenny” which gets the fans waving their arms from side to side. Following those songs, they take the energy level back up with the bangers “Don’t Stop” and “Go To War.” Guitarist Mark Vollelunga and bassist Daniel Oliver jump, spin, and rock out hard on these songs as well as throughout the set. Drummer Ben Anderson is a beast, smashing the drums, and cymbals hard that provide the pulse of the songs.

After “I’ll Be OK,” they play another new song, “Tired of Winning,” from their forthcoming album. Another emotional song “Fadein/Fadeout” winds things down. This is a song from their 2017 album The Stories We Tell Ourselves which was written by guitarist Mark and seems to hit home for many of the fans. During their set, both Jonny and Mark take to the photo pit to rock out with fans up front. They close out the set with their breakout hit, “This Is the Time (Ballast),” which has the fans singing along and bouncing up and down. Jonny takes a moment to exclaim, “Thank you so much, Detroit,” which gets huge cheers. It is yet another great show by one of the hardest-working live bands out there.

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