Yes Trespassing at For The Record in Florence, AL

Muscle Shoals four-piece Yes Trespassing performed at the newest local venue For The Record with support from Chicago-based The Eradicator.

Up first was The Eradicator, whose character is based on one from a Kids in the Hall skit. Decked head-to-toe in squash gear and a ski mask, the sounds of squash being played rang out prior to him taking the stage and in between songs. The hard-punk musician entertained the crowd with his own take on this comedic sketch and his love for “the only acceptable racket sport in existence.” 

Next up was local band, Yes Trespassing. This four-piece is a force to be reckoned with! To say we were blown away by the talent in this band is putting it mildly. They got together as a band just recently, during Covid to be precise. When you hear that, you could be excused for thinking they might sound like a garage band who are still cutting their teeth. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They have a quality of sound that is beyond both their years and the length of time they have been together. 

The band is made up of Trey Nichols (vocals), Jonathan Mackey (bass), Dylan Johnson (drums), and Emmett Redding (guitar). Their sound alternates between 90s alt-rock/grunge and metal. Together, this foursome put on a tight performance. Trey Nichols has found his calling as a frontman of a band, holding the attention of the crowd from the moment he stepped up to the mic. A good drummer is often the hardest thing for a band to find. In Dylan Johnson, Yes Trespassing has unearthed a gem. He is a powerhouse on the drums and locks in with Jonathan to provide a rock-solid foundation for the band. With the layered guitars of Trey and Emmett, Yes Trespassing is a band that packs a serious live punch.

They are regulars at For The Record and we suggest that if you are nearby, get down and check them out. 

This show was covered as part of our fundraising trip for National Independent Venue Foundation and Musicians On Call. We are traveling across the country and stopping at independently-owned music venues to cover a show and to chat with their owners about the importance of independent music venues within the music industry. Florence was our seventh stop of the trip and we were lucky enough to make a stop at independently owned For The Record on our travels.

You can read more about this fundraising trip here. If you would like to donate to NIVF, you can do so here, and if you would like to donate to Musicians On Call, you can do so here. All proceeds go directly to your chosen organization. 

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