In This Moment at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC

In This Moment was able to captivate the audience with stunning visuals and heartfelt, powerful vocals in Asheville, North Carolina.

First to take the stage was DED, the nu-metal band from Arizona. The band released its debut track in 2016 and has since released two full-length studio albums. The power-packed vocals and instrumentals woke the crowd up in a heartbeat, as people began headbanging along.  

The band was playing a member short, however. COVID-19 got to their bassist, Kyle Koelsch who couldn’t play this show. Even without a bassist, the band played on using an electric substitute. The band treated the crowd to a 30-minute set filled with hits from both records and left the audience wanting more, and ready for what was coming for the rest of the night.  

Next to perform was Bad Omens. This metalcore band hails from Richmond, Virginia, and is a treat to watch live. Frontman Noah Sebastion completely captivates the crowd with his shocking clear vocals, as well as his deep and dirty screams. The band opened with their ghostly sounding hit, “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND,” from their latest album with the same title. 

Fog and backlights created a dream-like atmosphere that perfectly matches the tone of their music. This was further enhanced by all black wardrobes, including a long-sleeved turtleneck donned by Sebastion. During their song “Artificial Selection,” Noah Sebastion put on an all-black ski mask, which only enhanced the dark and mysterious atmosphere.  

The band played a nine-song setlist that had the crowd roaring. Backlights, strobes, and lingering fog all added to the general vibes of the night, and Bad Omens put on a show that audiences won’t forget.  

Finally, the audience roared as the lights cut out, signaling it was time for In This Moment to perform. The stage was hidden by a white sheet with the band’s emblem on it, hiding the crowd from seeing what was happening. As Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” blasted through the speakers, the music cut, the curtain dropped, and the crowd went crazy.  

In This Moment is truly a whole experience. Costumes, choreographed dances, and detailed set designs and props set them apart from any other band. The music is full of life, containing heart-pumping beats with powerful vocals and harmonies. Audiences can’t help but to dance and headbang along.  

The band took a slight pause, where lead singer Maria Brink introduced the band. She then explained how their set would have to be cut a little short, due to absences because of COVID-19. She apologized but explained how grateful they were to still be there sharing their music. The audience cheering was a sign that they were also grateful the band didn’t cancel this show.  

The amount of time and effort put into this show from start to finish is beyond obvious, even watching from the back of the venue. The whole concert played out like a musical, with each band member dawning different characters and costumes. But the theatrics didn’t once get in the way of the music.  

In This Moment live is truly an experience, as Maria Brink stated during their set. The music can bring people together in a beautiful manner, and the band has become infamous for their stage theatrics. They are definitely a must-see for rock and metal fans.  

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