Hey Violet at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, AZ

Hey Violet @ The Rebel Lounge, Phoenix | Sarai Kelley

Hey Violet’s tour stopped by the Rebel Lounge in Downtown Phoenix, bringing supporting artists WRENN and Victoria Anthony to create a night to remember.

Victoria Anthony kicked off the night with infectious melodies and powerful lyrics. Anthony played several songs from her 2020 album Real Life, including fan favorites like “Fake Friends,” “Smile Again,” and “Like You.” The sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter created a storyline with her six-song setlist, illustrating her past experiences with ex-boyfriends and ex-friends and the purpose behind her lyrics. She ended the night with a bang, tributing Alanis Morissette with a cover of “Hand In My Pocket” from her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill. Anthony said female artists like Morissette have greatly contributed to her creative development as an artist. The singer-songwriter was interactive with the crowd, getting people to move and sing along even if they were not familiar with her music. She was energetic and a powerhouse of a frontwoman. 

WRENN took the stage next. Beginning her set with her newest single, Your Friends Like Me Better, debuting in 2021; her seven-song setlist took the crowd on a fun and emotional rollercoaster through past break-ups, hurts, and toxic friends. WRENN is an alt-rock artist and a self-proclaimed “sad girl” who uses music as a means of communicating her thoughts and feelings to the world. Mixing infectious instrumentation and personal lyrical content, the core of WRENN’s music taps into the emotion of the past while being hopeful for the future. Her musical style was nothing short of raw and authentic that was executed on stage in the form of soulful music that made the crowd get jumping. She wants the audience to feel and relate to the lyrics she’s singing and be able to dance and sing along with her, creating songs that are passionate and “angry in the best way.” Her time on stage was a combination of grungy rock and soulful melodies. 

Hey Violet finally took the stage with their undeniably dance-ready sonic palette of eleven songs. The alt-pop group created an unforgettable night of high energy. Hey Violet’s musical style is described as pop-rock and electro-pop, lead singer, Rena Lovelis, sights much of the band’s musical inspiration is from powerful female artists and frontmen like Hayley Williams, Alanis Morissette, Amy Winehouse, and Janis Joplin. The trio appeared and kicked off their set with three songs from their 2017 album From The Outside, “Break My Heart,” “Guys My Age,” and “Hoodie.” 

The former punk-rock heavy band had the crowd hanging on the edge of their seats with synth-heavy melodies to dance the night away with. Their lyrics are heavily inspired by experiences in the members’ lives like past break-ups, failed friendships, and emotions of navigating through life and the music industry. The Rebel Lounge created an intimate environment with no barricade between the crowd and the stage. Drummer, Nia Lovelis was able to be interactive with the crowd and get people moving. The band as a whole was engaging and very interactive with the audience, dancing along with them. She made a point of getting up from her kit a few times to engage with the crowd, and respond to passionate lyrics. Hey Violet created a night to be remembered.

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