Boombox by Fozzy

Rock ‘n roll superheroes Fozzy are busy on their Save The World Tour…but not too busy to drop their highly anticipated eighth full-length album, Boombox.

Aptly named for its heavy-hitting power chords and scream-along choruses, rather than being played on your favorite streaming app through earbuds, this album deserves to be blasted on a cassette tape through your boombox covered in band stickers. Fozzy is sweaty, dirty, fast, and loud proof that rock ‘n roll is still alive.

Fozzy fans have waited almost five years since their last album Judas was released, which was recently certified gold by the RIAA, symbolizing sales of over 500,000. With three released singles, fans have had a glimpse of what Boombox has to offer, and they won’t be disappointed when they hear this 12- track tried and true rock album from start to finish.

Right out of the gate, Boombox starts with 2021’s Top 10 single “Sane.” Listeners are immediately hit with the high-energy and catchy choruses you love to scream along to, with lead singer, Chris Jericho, screaming right along with you, “It’s times like these I don’t wanna be sane.” This song is sure to get stuck in your head, and quickly put on repeat.

Second on your tracklist and quickly moving up the Active Rock radio charts is Fozzy’s newest single “I Still Burn,” a motivational poster secretly disguised as a rock song. The powerful lyrics are equally matched with an incredible and dynamic track, which are brought to life in the music video for the single, which already has over 750,000 views.

Taking a slight break from the action-packed tracklist, “Army Of One” is a stand-out for its haunting melody and deep lyrics, everything you crave from an emotional power ballad. Surprising listeners mid-way through, Frankie Goes from Hollywood, to Rock School, with Fozzy’s cover of “Relax,” synthesizers and all. Who doesn’t love when a song you hate to love gets an incredible rock ‘n roll make-over?

Getting back to the power-house energy and lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head, we get “Nowhere To Run.” Originally released back in 2019 (which now seems like a lifetime ago), the anthemic song with a chant-along chorus was the first top 10 single and has had Fozzy fans craving this highly anticipated new album ever since.

If you’re looking for the heaviest track of the record “What Hell Is Like” will get both your heart and fist-pumping. From the rapid-fire drumming to the chorus intro which sounds like a choir of demons, in all the right ways, “What Hell Is Like” will definitely be added to any rock-workout playlist. 

The tracks continue with all of the energy and hard-hitting stylings true rock fans crave, each song standing out on its own, ensuring the album doesn’t sound like a 46-minute power chord with no delineation between tracks. The strong lyrics, and powerful music behind them, will have you blasting each track all summer long.

Be sure to check out Boombox for yourself and catch Fozzy on their Save The World tour while you can! Boombox is out today. 

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