Godsmack at The Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, TX

Godsmack rips the roof off the Freeman Coliseum in the River City with a little help from Stitched Up Heart.

Kicking things off were Los Angeles based band Stitched Up Heart. Mixi (vocals) and the boys came out with guns blazing playing a hard hitting set, much to the delight of those who arrived early. This band brings it all to the table with their live show, and they left it all on the stage. Their set included a nice serving of songs from 2016s Never Alone EP as well as a brand new single from their forthcoming sophomore album called Lost featuring Godsmack’s very own Sully. Unfortunately, he did not perform it live with the band on this night. Stitched Up Heart had a great performance. Look for big things from them.

Now that the nearly sold-out crowd in San Antonio was thoroughly warmed up… Bring out the mighty Godsmack. The four-piece rock band from Massachusetts wasted no time preceding to tear everyone’s face off. “When Legends Rise” followed by the hard-hitting “1000hp” gave the fans just what they were waiting for. The only thing that could have made it hotter in the venue than the band would have been their notorious pyro show. Which unfortunately was absent from our show. Seems as though no one needed a seat as the entire crowd seemed to be standing the entire time. San Antonio does love their Godsmack.

The band played a blistering two-hour, 17-song set covering every classic Godsmack hit from every album. Sully also took the time to tell us about his new hair gel he is using, and the mishap he had with an electric shaver pre-show. If you were a fan, you got what you paid for. If you were on the fence.. you’re a fan now. These guys sounded fantastic. A highlight of a Godsmack show has always been “Batalla De Los Tambores” with a dueling drum solo between Sully and drummer Shannon Larkin. This in itself is worth the price of admission.

Slowing things down a bit we got “Under Your Scars,” a song that raises awareness and funds for mental health. Every donation to The Scars Foundation will include a download of the single “Under Your Scars.” This is a stand-up thing to do. Bravo to Godsmack. “Bulletproof” was up next on the list, whipping the crowd back up into a frenzy, just to say thank you… and good night. San Antonio would have none of that. A steady chant of one more song filled the air. After a very short “break” the band played on, pulling out a surprise cover of the Beatles “Come Together.” I guess all good things come to an end, but not before they closed it down with “I Stand Alone.” The When Legends Rise Tour is the real deal.

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