Greta Van Fleet at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI

Greta Van Fleet scores big with a three-in-a-row sell out at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit’s Fox Theatre is no stranger to legendary performances by musical icons of past and present.  As was the case on a chilly December night when hometown heroes Greta Van Fleet brought the third installment of a sold-out trifecta to metropolitan Detroit.  With temperatures in the twenties and event parking filled to capacity, GVF fans endured, all to spend a most treasured night with the musical phenom known as Greta Van Fleet.  Inside the massiveness of the Fox Theatre, we find every seat is spoken for.  This is not a one night only occurrence, but three nights in a row and a testament to the powerful presence this band has brought to this generation of concert goers.  The crowd in attendance is diverse in age, sex, and race… demonstrating another powerful trait this band has, to bond their crowds together in a tight and varied family of unity.  

With the theater now filled to capacity, and the last of the stragglers slipping into the packed rows of screaming fans to find their seats, stage lights ignite, as ambient fog pours across the venue.  Standing center stage are the four members of Greta Van Fleet, all sporting the boyish grins of soon-to-be rock gods, adorned in a unique wardrobe that pays homage to the late sixties and early seventies.  Singer and frontman Josh Kiszka carries a single white rose across the stage and he is focused on a screaming fan, front row.  He bends to hand the flower to a young lady, quite smitten with his presence as the band launches into “Cold Wind” behind him.  Guitarist and brother Jake Kiszka’s vintage guitar tones pour out of a superbly matched amp/axe combo that cause a double take from the musician crowd.  His tone is big, bluesy, ballsy, and full of all that “Rock N Roll” stuff that adds to the modern yet vintage appeal of the GVF sound.  The rhythm section, comprised of bassist (and also brother) Sam Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner, are tight, thunderous and on point throughout the night’s performance.  

Despite the fact that GVF are relatively young and relatively new to the “legends of rock” music scene (compared to many of their influences), they have brought their fans a powerhouse setlist of nearly 90 minutes of pure old-fashioned Rock and Roll… the way it used to be.  The band follows with “Safari Song” and then into the mega hit “Black Smoke Rising.”  Josh Kiszka demonstrates his vocal powers and a range that makes hairs stand on end.  Holding a note… check.  Holding said note with power to spare for thirty plus seconds… check, CHECK!  The night continues, with solos from all members sharing the spotlight.  “Watch Me,” the John Denver cover “The Music Is You,” and “When The Curtain Falls,” all include vocal highlights from Josh, complemented with tasty and soulful guitar chops from brother Jake.  The band brings the set to a close with “Edge Of Darkness,” and the rouse of encore or not begins.

A dramatic pause comes before the band returns with a five-song encore.  “Brave New World” and “Lover Leaver” come before the band unleashes the almighty “Highway Tune” to a standing ovation.   A soulful and bluesy tribute is up next with the classic Muddy Waters cover “Rollin and Tumblin,” that spotlights just how tight the GVF rhythm section is, complimented by Jake’s tone and vintage licks.  The night comes to a close on an extended jam version of “Taker Believer.”

Greta Van Fleet comes as a highly recommended concert experience that will satisfy all of your Rock and Roll needs (both classic and modern).  Details on the bands current tour and upcoming performances can be found at the bands official website.

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