Chloe Moriondo at The Basement East in Nashville, TN

Chloe Moriondo @ Basement East, Nashville | Photo by Gary Johnson

YouTube star Chloe Moriondo headlines her first tour for her debut album Blood Bunny and brings new pop-punk music to Music City.

Opening the night was Sydney Rose, a young singer-songwriter who’s been gaining a lot of traction in the last few years. You could hear the crowd’s excitement as they screamed and cheered when she introduced herself. She began her acoustic set with the slow and intimate song “Skydive.” She followed with a song inspired by singer Phoebe Bridgers, named “Phoebe Told Me,” where she sang about learning how to not always rely on people and doing things you love by yourself. In the same spirit, she followed with a cover of Bridger’s song “Kiyoto” and the entire crowd sang along. To end her set, she asked the crowd if any of them had ever had a crush, to which everyone responded with a loud “yes” and lots of laughter. She explained that she wrote a song about a boy she had a crush on who always wore the same shoes, so she titled it “The Boy With The Same Shoes.”

The second opener was the three-woman band from New York, Kid Sistr. Their name is inspired by the fact that all three members of the band are eldest siblings in sister-only families. The crowd went wild as they walked on stage. Some people in the crowd even came specifically to see them.

They opened with “Please Dump Him,” which was written about bassist Sara’s younger sister’s ex-boyfriend. They continued their set with their next single to be released, entitled “Palpitations.” The song was really driven by the beat Rebecca, the band’s drummer, put down. Their mix of early 2000s rock and the 80s new wave sound kept the audience connected and engaged. Halfway through, they played a cover of Green Day’s “Basket Case” and the audience lost their minds in excitement, singing every word. They followed with two songs from their self-titled EP, “Simple Math” and “Dallas,” which ended with a captivating solo from guitarist Sabel, a catchy bass line from Sara, and a beat from Rebecca that made it impossible not to bop your head.

A few minutes later, the crowd went wild as the band walked on stage and somehow got even louder when Chloe Moriondo followed behind them. Chloe is a now 19-year-old pop-punk artist who originally began being recognized for posting original and cover songs on YouTube in 2014. Earlier this year, she released her major-label debut album, Blood Bunny, which includes high-energy pop-punk songs full of catchy tunes and lyrics.

Moriondo began her set with the first song from the album, “Rly Don’t Care.” For the next few songs, she picked up the bass guitar and continued to keep her incredible stage presence. With popular songs like “Bodybag,” “GIRL ON TV,” and “Favorite Band,” she kept the crowd’s attention as they sang every word.

Most of the audience are fellow teens who identify and relate to Moriondo’s honest, yet catchy lyrics, but also in the crowd are the parents of said teens. Halfway through the set, she played a cover of “Linger” by The Cranberries, which almost felt like a shout-out to them. Some parents could even be heard singing louder than their kids. A few songs later and she’s alone on stage with her ukulele singing “Sammy,” a song about her pet dog.

The last few songs of her set included “I Want To Be With You,” written with intimate and honest verses and upbeat choruses. The four-part band also played “Strawberry Blonde,” which can be better described as ambient and personal, and the finale “Samantha.” For the encore, Chloe performed a song straight out of left field and encouraged the crowd to get crazy with her. Her song “Hell Houndz” was centered around heavy bass and auto-tune to the max. Somewhere between pop and a club banger, the audience jumped with crazy energy and excitement and Moriondo did the same. It was an amazing night and, being amongst the teenagers in the crowd, it was a night that they’ll never forget.

Be sure to check out Chloe Moriondo’s latest album Blood Bunny on all streaming platforms and check to see if she’s coming to your city. It’s a show you don’t want to miss.

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