Blessthefall at the Banyan Live in West Palm Beach, FL

Blessthefall celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Hollow Bodies with an almost completely sold out show at brand new South Florida venue, The Banyan Live.

The new venue, The Banyan Live, recently started hosting shows and this is the first larger band that seems to have played there. This might have been a one-off show for the band, but they weren’t alone. They were supported by three South Florida local bands.

Royal Hearts, a Florida native, started the night with a bang while people were still trickling into the venue. The band played to an energetic crowd and set the bar from early on. The crowd loved this late 2000s post-hardcore style music these guys had to offer and they showed it.

Further Within, another South Florida local band took to the stage next. Hailing from Miami, the crowd loved everything from start to finish. Known for technical riffs and catchy choruses, the crowd loved the power dynamic that this Miami band had brought for the night. They kicked off their set with their brand new single “I’m Alright” and pushed on with their heavier songs such as “The Worst In Me” and “Psychosomatic.”

We’re Wolves was the final South Floridian act to take the stage prior to the long-anticipated headliner, Blessthefall. The West Palm Beach natives took the stage to a completely packed room. With heavy drops and catchy hooks, they had the crowd moving the entire thirty-five minutes they played. The audience loved every single second of this set. They performed songs like “Titanium” and “Darkest Hour” along with their cover of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” which had the crowd going nuts, creating the perfect transition for the Blessthefall changeover.

The long-awaited Blessthefall was the last to take the stage for the night.  The band walked out to an almost completely pitch-black room minus the subtle purple stage lighting. Preparing to play Hollow Bodies in its entirety, they began their set with the title song. The sixty-minute performance was packed with songs like “See You On the Outside” and “Déjà Vu.” The audience loved all of it but they wanted more.

After playing the entire Hollow Bodies album, it was time for the encore. The crowd chanted “Blessthefall,” all in unison. The band retook the stage. Beau Bokens saying,  “You want some more?” The powerhouse band finished the night with a handful of songs from their large discography. They started with “2.0” before transitioning into “What’s Left of Me.” The crowd ate it up. It was late but the energy in the room was stronger than ever. The final two songs, “Cutthroat” and “Hey Baby,” ended the long and energetic set. The crowd sang every single word of “Hey Baby” right back to Beau Bokan the entire time. He didn’t stay on the stage for long as he hopped into the crowd and onto the bar to sing along with the audience. 

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