Beartooth at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA

The Below Tour made its way to Atlanta on Thursday night and reminded us how good it feels to be back at a rock show. 

Thus tour is about mid-way through and each band did not disappoint as they brought their unique style to the stage. Before the show even started, the crowd was revved up and ready to go as they sang along to the pre-show music. Everyone cheered as Dragged Under took the stage as the first band of the night. The heavy punk band started their energetic set and established the tone for a brilliant night. Lead Singer, Anthony Cappocchi impressed with his vocal chops and ultimate “hype man” abilities. Numerous times throughout the set, he took the time to ask the crowd how excited they were for the remaining two bands, spurring up excitement for the remainder of the show. Dragged Under was definitely the perfect selection to start for this fiery night. 

Up next was the American metalcore band, Wage War. They opened with their hit “Stitch” from the band’s sophomore album Deadweight, the unapologetically heavy song confirmed that Wage War was here to rock. Lead vocalist, Briton Bond bounded around the stage as he properly demolished each song while clean vocalist, Cody Quistad, truly impressed with his ability to maintain a pitch-perfect vocal and play guitar. His voice is such striking contrast to Bond’s helping to maintain that perfect mix for listeners that enjoy heavy and clean vocals. The rest of the band were also on their A-game as no one seemed to miss a beat. Crowd surfers were already flowing early in the night, and the number increased as the show progressed. 

The room was met with passionate cheers and applause as Beartooth made their way to the stage. They opened with two new songs from their recently released album, Below. Singer, Caleb Shomo, displayed his extraordinary vocal range while darting around the stage. The setlist was a great balance of new and old favorites including hits “Hated” and “Sick of Me” whose lyrics you can’t help but scream at the top of your lungs. 

By far the most infectious place of the night to be was among the sea of people in the mosh pit. The crowd’s energy was electric as attendees crowd surfed, moshed, sang, and danced in a room lit up with everchanging lights. 

The main set ended with “In Between.” Caleb took the opportunity to encourage the crowd to sing parts of the song back to him on stage. The Encore started with “The Past is Dead,” and this powerful song was the last of songs with vocals for the night. Beartooth then ended the night with “The Last Riff,” making both final songs from their latest album. The closing song was the ultimate way to end the night as the band had an outright jam session on stage. Each member gave it all they had while they showcased each of their talents. 

By the end of the night, the adrenaline was without a doubt flowing. Heaven at The Masquerade saw one of the best shows that’s happened since it reopened. 

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