Beartooth at the Criterion in Oklahoma City, OK

Following the success of The Below Tour, Beartooth presents The Below Tour Part 2 backed by some of the biggest names in metalcore.

ERRA started the evening off with a bang, opening with “Gungrave,” “Divisionary,” and “Nigh to Silence,” all from their latest albums ERRA and ERRA (Deluxe). They released both albums in March 2021. ERRA is a band that has been around for over a decade but only recently gained more notoriety in the metalcore scene after the release of their self-titled album. ERRA’s six-song setlist takes you on a journey. It is the perfect blend between clean vocals, visceral death metal screams, finger tapping riffs, and heavy breakdowns. Before their final song “Snowblood,” vocalist JT Cavey encourages the crowd to get a circle pit started, to which fans happily oblige.

The Devil Wears Prada wastes no time getting right into it with “Watchtower,” a single they released in February. Their high-energy set gets the crowd moving, and the first crowd surfer of the night can be seen over the sea of fists in the air. Their seven-song setlist consists of no two songs off the same album, offering something for all the fans gained along the way. A crowd favorite was “Chemical” which had the mosh pits at maximum velocity. The Devil Wears Prada ends their set with “Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over” off their album Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord. Mike Hranica, vocals, addresses the crowd one final time mentioning that this last song is as old as they go.

As direct support, Silverstein is next on stage. Silverstein starts the set out strong with “Bad Habits” and “Vices”. The audience goes absolutely wild as Caleb Shomo of Beartooth runs out and joins Shane Told in singing “Vices.” Shane Told takes a moment to give Caleb a shout out, hyping the crowd up for Beartooth, and dedicates the next song to him, “My Heroine.” When the intro begins, the audience lets out massive applause, phones come out to record, and everyone in the room sings along. During their set, Silverstein plays “Ultraviolet,” a single from their new album Misery Made Me that is set to be released on May 6th. Silverstein performs a 12-song setlist spanning over seven albums. Silverstein finishes off their set with one of their most praised songs “Smile in Your Sleep.” During “Smile in Your Sleep,” fans are gifted another guest appearance, this time by Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada.

The lights go out and a curtain can be seen covering the front of the stage. A Beartooth logo appears on the curtain as “TNT” by AC/DC sounds over the PA. The crowd draws in closer and silhouettes of the band can be seen through the curtain. “Below” begins to play and 30 seconds into the song, the curtain falls and confetti explodes from the stage and from the roof. The visuals of the stage are exceptional: it has three levels of various heights making for an interesting layout, a projector screen behind the stage featuring stimulating colors, an incredible light show, and massive smoke effects.

Caleb Shomo, vocals, picks up a guitar three times throughout the night for “Fed Up,” “Phantom Pain,” and “The Last Riff.” Midway through the set, Caleb tells the crowd the band is going to calm it down a bit and asks the audience to sing along to the next two songs, “Afterall” and “Skin.” The connection between Beartooth and the audience is powerful as the crowd sings along to those two songs. The lights change to a calm setting and soft guitar begins to play.

Caleb gives a heartfelt speech about the other bands on the bill and about how much the music and connection to the fans mean to him. He goes on to talk about battling depression through music and asks the crowd to help with singing “In Between” as it is an emotionally heavy song for him. At the end of “In Between,” the crowd and Caleb take turns singing the chorus. It is a truly beautiful moment.

Beartooth exits the stage and the audience begins a thunderous chant “Beartooth, Beartooth!” This chant is followed by the audience singing the intro of “In Between.” Beartooth returns to the stage and is in awe by the support of the fans. They encore with “The Past is Dead” and “The Last Riff.” During the encore, more confetti falls from the roof.

Beartooth is approaching the halfway mark for The Below Tour Part 2 in the US. The tour will continue through to August. If you have been thinking about getting tickets don’t sleep on this opportunity as many of these dates are selling out. In 2023, Beartooth will be taking The Below Tour to UK/Europe with Motionless in White and Stray From The Path.

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