Silverstein at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC

Silverstein brought their 20th anniversary tour to an excited crowd in Charlotte, returning to the site of their last show before the pandemic.

The New Jersey-formed Can’t Swim was first to take the stage. Can’t Swim played a 30-minute high-energy set that did more than enough to get the crowd going. With three studio albums and four EPs to their name, the audience was treated to non-stop hits, both old and new.  

The first mosh pit of the night was opened halfway through their set, with audiences loving what they were hearing. Frontman Chris LoPorto had a great time interacting with the fans as well. He made sure to thank Silverstein for having them, as well as the audience for being so great. The set ended with their 2017 hit, “Stranger.” 

After a short 20-minute set change, The Plot In You was welcomed to the stage by screaming fans. Formed in 2010, the band has put out an impressive five studio albums. Their hard rock sound kept audiences going, with mosh pits and crowd surfers during nearly every song. Opening with their 2021 song “Face Me,” frontman Landon Khale Tewers came out before the rest of the band to sing the lyrical intro. The rest of the band joined for the powerful chorus as the crowd jumped to life. Overall, the band played a 30-minute set before ending with their 2018 hit “FEEL NOTHING.” 

After the two opening acts did such a great job warming up the audience, fans were electric by the time Silverstein took to the stage. With the fans already filled with energy, the band launched right into the 2021 single, “Bankrupt.” A heavier song, the pits immediately opened back up and the audience was alive again. 

After about 45 minutes of playing, the band left the stage. Leaving just frontman Shane Told and axillary player Mike Tompa to treat fans to a four-song acoustic set. The softer music allowed for the audience’s collective voice to pierce through, as fans belted along. The stage was beautifully lit, creating an atmosphere you wouldn’t expect to find at any hard rock show. It was a drastic change that Silverstein was able to execute without losing fan interest. This set highlighted Shane Todd’s true vocal talent in a wide range of settings, and fans enjoyed every second of it. The rest of the band took the stage again, and the third set began with the 2005 classic, “My Heroine.”

Even though this is Silverstein’s 20th anniversary tour, the band actually turned 21. The original tour got postponed, causing it to happen a year late. In order to celebrate the band’s “21st birthday,” a bottle of champagne was brought out and passed around the band members. After 21 years of music, this band is still able to bring all of the excitement and energy that comes with a good rock show. 

The band also took a break to reflect on their last time in Charlotte, which just so happened to be March 11th, 2020. Also known as the day before the world shut down. It was their last show before the complete standstill caused by COVID, so being back in the exact same venue was heartwarming for both the band and the audience. Everyone was feeling relieved to be back. 

Finally closing their show with the 2017 sensation, “Afterglow,” Silverstein thanked the audience and wished them all one final “Goodnight!”

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