Yungblud Streams Live Show

This morning, Yungblud live-streamed in light of all the current show cancelations, giving fans the opportunity to enjoy the experience in their own homes. 

With more and more live shows being canceled or postponed each day until who knows when, musicians are moving to live streaming their performances in order to still be able to reach their fans. This morning, Yungblud live streamed on his YouTube channel, along with Machine Gun Kelly, Bella Thorne, and Oliver Tree. 

The hour-long show was broadcast from LA this morning at 7am PDT, his earliest concert ever. Yugblud’s tour was meant to kick-off during Coachella but the worldwide spread of COVID-19 has seen dates being with canceled or postponed.  

If you were not able to tune in live for the performance, you can still catch The Yungblud Show on his channel, or by watching it below:


This was one of the first shows to be live-streamed, but certainly will not be the last as more musicians are looking to social media to continue providing music to their fans.

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