Interview with Phil X of The Drills and Bon Jovi

Guitarist Phil X chatted with us about what he’s up to with The Drills, life as a fully-fledged member of Bon Jovi and a session musician.

Phil X has many strings to his bow. When he’s not recording and touring with his band The Drills, he’s doing just that with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Bon Jovi. He is also a highly regarded session musician and you may have caught him talking about this as part of the documentary Hired Gun

Phil was on tour in Europe with The Drills when the pandemic caused them to cut it short and head back home. It also resulted in Bon Jovi’s tour being canceled and the release of their upcoming album 2020 being pushed back to October 2. Not one to sit around and twiddle his thumbs, Phil got to work with The Drills and released new song “Right on the Money” and is putting the final touches to Stupid Good Looking, Vol. 2

Phil chatted to us about what he’s been up to, what it’s like now he’s a full member of Bon Jovi, playing with some superstar drummers on the upcoming Drills album, and his deal with Gibson Guitars. Check it out here:



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