Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum by Seether

South African rock band Seether returns with their new release Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum as a follow up to their 2017 Poison the Parish.

Seether‘s sound has been described as everything from hard rock to post-grunge. On their eighth studio album, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, you can hear all those elements. This album has that distinctive Seether sound. Beginning with the title which translates to “if you want peace, prepare for war,” the listener is immediately intrigued. A title like that leads you to believe the songs will be full of meaning. Produced by frontman Shaun Morgan, the album is a mix of happiness and sadness, but they are all deep and thought-provoking. The first single “Dangerous” is haunting and it is a great song to release first. While the whole album is filled with strong tracks, this might be the strongest. The lyrics tell a story but are open to different interpretations which is sure to connect with a variety of listeners.

The first track “Dead and Done” is a heavy opening to the album. It has a big guitar sound and really makes the listener stop and pay attention. It’s sound and angry breakup message bring to mind other Seether classics and is sure to be a song that serves as the soundtrack to many ending relationships. This aggressive sound and feel continues throughout the album, so it is a perfect introduction to Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.  

“Bruised and Bloodied” is an aggressive and angry track that when you listen to the lyrics, you can really hear the grunge influences of bands like Nirvana. The same goes for “Beg,” another exciting track on this album. The thirteen tracks are distinctly Seether. It has their signature sound with meaningful lyrics. Each song is sure to have a line or a lyric that connects with the listener. Morgan has said he is being a bit more vulnerable on this album and that comes through with the heartfelt lyrics. “Wasteland” is probably the most melodic song of the album and it really shows this vulnerability Morgan has spoken about. His vocal is strong and the music is thick and heavy with a mix of grunge elements like you would expect from this band. The album is a journey musically and gives you glimpses into where this band has been, what they’ve gone through, and what the future holds.  

Released by Fantasy Records on August 28th this next studio album from Seether is sure to not disappoint their fans. The songs are both aggressive and beautiful and they are filled with powerful lyrics that can be interpreted by the listener. It’s been three long years, but the wait is almost over. Trust us, it will all be worth it. Once people hear this album, they are going to be more anxious for live music to return but quality music like this should hold them over for a bit. Fans have waited a couple of years for new music and this album delivers so they are sure to be excited for when the band get the chance to take it on tour.  

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