Tuxedo at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA

The Regency Ballroom was the place to be as Los Angeles based funk duo Tuxedo made a highly anticipated appearance to the near-capacity crowd.

Tuxedo consists of Grammy-nominated R&B/soul recording artist Mayer Hawthorne and Grammy-nominated hip-hop producer Jake One. They are currently on tour in support of their latest album entitled “Tuxedo 3.”

The vision of most people up front at the barricade sitting on the floor and waiting for the opener to go on was very reminiscent of going to see shows in the mid-1980s. At around 9 pm, DJ KURSE warmed up the crowd with a 1-hour set of highly infectious booty-shaking mixes that had the crowd it enjoying thoroughly up until 10 pm. 

After a short intermission, the funk, disco, R&B masters Tuxedo hit the stage around 10:15 pm to the screams of joy and excitement of the near-capacity crowd. Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One flanked upfront of the stage wearing matching jackets that said “Tuxedo” on the back as they launched into the song “Tuxedo Way” taken from their current album. In between every few songs Mayer and Jake would do a wardrobe change.

The chemistry between Mayer and Jake was in amazing form as they communicate so well with each other and the crowd as well. Some of the stand-out songs were “Fux With The Tux” which had the crowd all singing along with the band, “On A Good One,” which is a great representation of the band. Other stand out tracks were “Toast To Us,” “2nd Time Around,” “Take A Picture,” and two originals by Mayer Hawthorne “Designer Drug” and the set finale “Henny And Gingerale.” Overall, it was of the most entertaining shows seen in recent years.

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