The Story So Far at Roadrunner in Boston, MA

The Story So Far brings a stacked supporting lineup, all with 2022 releases, to a sold-out crowd at Boston’s newest live venue.

Crowd anticipation for a lineup this strong could be hard to please, but Microwave had no issues settling right in. Opening with one of their most popular songs, “Lighterless,” they set the tone from the first chord for how this show was going to go. Fast, fun, and with plenty of crowd engagement, they were able to keep it up for the whole set. While the singer did mention this was one of the biggest shows they have played, it was impossible to tell. Comfortable on the stage, and in their choice of setlist putting their newest song, “Circling the Drain” which was released this month, in the middle of the set was definitely an apt choice. Letting the crowd acclimate to the intensity of the overall show that lies ahead before finishing strong with their oldest hit “Trash Stains” from their album Stovall.

Mom Jeans. came on next and of all four bands, they had the best overall stage presence. Coming into this show two months after the release of their latest album, Sweet Tooth, they could have been the headliner. The crowd agreed with that sentiment evidenced by the reception they gave back. The bassist had the most energy of the whole band as they sang their favorites, and led the crowd to wave their hands and sing along during multiple songs. Ending their set with “Edward 40hands” was the finishing move on the best set of the night.

An endless stream of crowd surfers is only the best way to describe what the crowd thought of Joyce Manor. Seven minutes and three seconds is the total run time of their first four songs. “Catalina Fight Song,” “Falling in Love Again,” “Beach Community,” and “Heart Tattoo.” The runtime coupled with these being some of the band’s fan favorites had the place at its peak doing their job as tour support perfectly. In a little over a month, Joyce Manor releases their next album, 40 oz. To Fresno, on June 10, and it already looks like it will be a hit judging by how much the crowd loved the recently released single “Gotta Let it Go.” Had Joyce Manor been the headliner the crowd would have left elated, but the main event was still to come.

Being pop-punk veterans, The Story So Far came onto the stage a little slower than their support. To keep the anticipation of their set building, even after it started, they opened with “Clairvoyant.” Not only their most popular song, it is also one of their slowest, which the crowd loved. Parker Cannon, the lead singer, came out with just one of the guitarists while the rest of the band slowly took to the stage during the first verse. “Keep This Up” was the next song for the set, and that’s exactly what it did for the energy of the crowd that had been going wild all night already. While the songs played were mostly from their newest album, Proper Dose, the crowd still loved every second of the show. Weaving in songs from their whole discography proved that even after 15 years as a band the fans still love the Story So Far.

All in all, the show lived up to the expectations set by having four headliner-quality bands playing a sold-out show at one of the nicest venues in Boston.

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