The Cult at The Fillmore in New Orleans, LA

British rockers The Cult brought The Fillmore New Orleans alive with their post-punk mystical sounds for a night of nostalgic fun.

The Cult brought their Sonic Temple tour to New Orleans for all of those that remember going to clubs and sweating to the somewhat gothic but always hard rock songs. The Cult was always one of those bands that everyone could like. They weren’t exactly new wave and they were never hair metal. They were just that one band that managed to appeal to everyone and no one could explain why. Even those who could never agree on bands always seemed to be able to agree that they liked The Cult.

The boys got off to a somewhat shaky start with their opening song “Sun King” from their 1989 album Sonic Temple. Lead singer Ian Astbury even lamented that as this was only their second show of the the tour, they were still trying to find their footing and gel. Although he had a somewhat more difficult time hitting those same notes and talked a bit more than singing, by the time they started “Sweet Soul Sister,” it seemed they had indeed found their footing and showed why they have been able to last over thirty years.

When guitarist Billy Duffy began to strum the very familiar opening chords of “Fire Woman,” the crowd went crazy. Ian was almost drowned out by the people singing the lyrics at the tops of their lungs. It really brought the crowd around and got the room dancing and jumping. Duffy proved why he is still considered a great guitar player and never missed a beat and really just hit every song with power.

They ended the night with the beloved “She Sells Sanctuary” from their 1985 release Love. It was a great way to end a night that, for the most part, was more about nostalgia than discovering new sounds. Don’t expect to be wowed by an electric stage show or performers that run around the stage. And truthfully, they don’t need any of that. To quote the movie Almost Famous, Duffy and Astbury really embody the line, “I’m the frontman and you’re the guitarist with mystique”. Standing with his feet wide apart and his guitar hung low, Duffy really does personify the moody guitarist while Ian lets the music do the talking. He occasionally threw tambourines into the audience to really bring their fans into the experience of the songs that have been loved for decades.  And if you are one of the many that have followed and loved The Cult, they will definitely provide a wonderful stroll down memory lane.

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