Starset at The Palladium in Worcester, MA

Space-themed rock band Starset put on a unique stage show during their performance in Worcester, MA on their fall tour.

Starset is currently touring in support of their fourth album, Horizions. The group brings their futuristic themes to the east coast, along with support acts All Good Things and The Word alive, for the fall trek.

L.A.-based rockers All Good Things kicked off the night for what was to become a strong performance. They started with the song “Kingdom,” which was from their release A Hope in Hell. Fans that were unfamiliar with their songs soon realized that they actually knew more songs than they realized. Their set was packed full of upbeat energetic songs which included “Push Me Down” and “The Comeback.” They also threw in a Destiny’s Child cover which the crowd got into. They ended their set with their most familiar song, “For The Glory,” which was a song they collaborated on with members of Hollywood Undead. This got the crowd raring to go for the remainder of the night.

After a brief set change, the Arizona metalcore band The Word Alive hit the stage led by vocalist, Tyler Smith. Upon stepping onto the stage, Tyler was dressed in a red jumpsuit as he ran across the stage, waving his hands to get the crowd on their feet. They opened their set with the title track from their 2020 release, Monomania. Their set featured a cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless.” As soon as the crowd heard the intro, they recognized it instantly and screamed and cheered. The fans in attendance were pumped up and wanting more. They continued to play more of their hits which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. The night kept proving to get better and better. 

Last to hit the stage was the star of the show, Starset. The lights were dimmed on stage with just a white background blocking the entire view of the stage. All fans could see were lights on the screen. After a short pause, projections of each of the members were shown on the background, raising their fists in the air as they saluted the crowd. Once the background dropped, smoke poured from the speakers and they began their set with their first song, “The Breach.”

Laser beams were seen flashing from one side of the stage to the other for most of the set. The Starset symbol was displayed flashing on the right side of the stage. This was just the beginning of their epic stage show performance. The first few songs of the night included “Infected” and “Carnivore.” For those few songs, the words of the songs were projected behind them on the screen in a video form. At the beginning of the song “Trials,” the lead singer Dustin Bates began saluting and waving a white flag, with the band’s emblem, to the Starset society.

Midway through their set, the band took a short break. During this time there was over a five-minute countdown portraying “Rebooting Demonstrations” that were illuminated at the top of the stage. It felt as though you were in a science class learning about brain activity. Toward the end of the break, the fans were heard counting down from ten to one. Once the countdown ended, some of the members came out dressed in space suits. This ties in with the band’s theme and displays their creativity to put on a demonstration. The remainder of the night was filled with space-themed displays. For a fan of astronomony, this was a must-see performance. The band rounded out the night with two of their biggest hits, “Ricochet” and “Demons.” If you get a chance to see them you will not be disappointed!

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