Quinn XCII at the Greek Theatre In Berkeley, CA

Quinn XCII @ Greek Theater, Berkeley | Photo By Justine Willard

Quinn XCII kicked off the first show of his Stay Next To Me Tour at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA.

On tour, Quinn XCII is accompanied by Chelsea Cutler and Tai Verdes, who both gave outstanding performances to begin the evening. The tour, which Cutler is co-headlining, is Quinn’s first tour in two years. He performed many songs from his two latest albums, A Letter To My Younger Self, released in 2020, and some brand new tracks from his album Change of Scenery II, which he released during this year.

To start off the set, he performed “Am I High Rn” which got everyone in the mood and ready for the rest of the show. Another song and one of his favorites to perform is “Always Been You” which is the closing track from his sophomore album The Story of Us. Then right after that, he sang “My Wife & 2 Dogs” and asked the crowd to get crazy because it was his first time ever singing it live as it’s from his latest release. He also performed “Kings of Summer,” a collaboration he did with Ayokay back in 2016. He talked about how special it was because it was the first song of his to get a lot of radio play and the station that played it a lot was from the Bay Area so it made performing that song there at The Greek Theatre even more special because it helped him get where he is today.

Everyone in the crowd was thrilled to be back at the beautiful outdoor venue as this was possibly some people’s first show in a year and a half. This concert was Quinn XCII’s first return to performing live music since quarantine, so it was a pretty special night. Many college students were in attendance inside the venue with several others were just hanging out outside the theater with friends enjoying the free mix of hip-hop, pop, reggae, rock, electronic, and soul music that one could hear from blocks away over the campus.

Overall, it was a beautiful night at the venue with great music and great vibes going all around. Everyone was on their feet because Quinn made a comment about how you don’t go to a live concert just to sit the whole time. To end the night, he performed three songs with Chelsea for everyone to leave on a high note.

Don’t worry if you missed this concert; you still have plenty of time to catch the Stay Next To Me Tour because it will continue through early October. So, if you’re happy live music is back or that Quinn XCII is finally touring again, you should check out the show, you won’t regret it!

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