Peter McPoland at Emo’s in Austin, TX

Indie-pop artist Peter McPoland returned to his home state Texas on his Piggy Tour to show fans an electric night of fun.

Having just freshly released his debut album Piggy in August of this year, Peter McPoland has been taking October and November to show his music off. McPoland has been playing since he was a kid and released his first single, “Lady Bird,” in 2018. After releasing his first single, McPoland dropped ten more singles before finally putting together his first debut full-length album. In 2022, he had the opportunity to open for one of his artistic influences, Twenty One Pilots. 

Supporting McPoland for the entirety of the tour is Stephen Dawes. Dawes has been making music since he was a kid, but released his first debut single, “Just 17” in 2019. In June, he released a cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” that went viral on TikTok. Dawes made the perfect opening act to hype up the audience before McPoland. 

He was very interactive with the fans and they were just as responsive to him. He performed his original songs such as “Entertainment” and “Sugar in Your Coffee.” Two fans on the front row even asked him to perform “Friends Don’t Keep Secrets” but he told them it wasn’t on the setlist so he would play it for them later outside. As expected, Dawes performed his iconic cover of “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. On stage performing with him were his friends MJ on drums and Adam on guitar. After 30 minutes of pure fun, he closed his set with “19” from his latest and first album release The Day We Met.

At about 9 PM, Peter McPoland made a grand entrance to ear-deafening electric music and flashing strobe lights. He began his show with the intro track to his debut album, “Mold.” Fans at the barricade held up signs that collectively read “PEE PEE MC POO POO.” Immediately, eyes were drawn to the large boot McPoland wore, indicating a foot injury of such. Later, between songs “I Need You” and “String Lights,” Peter explained that his management told him not to jump over the barricade into the pit, but he did and nothing happened. Then again in Chicago, they told him to not jump over the barricade and into the pit, but he did. This time he wasn’t so lucky and he injured his heel just enough that he had to start wearing a boot. 

Before performing “String Lights,” McPoland informed the crowd that the guy mentioned in the song named Beau was at the show that night. Of course, when McPoland sang the verse, the friends of Beau made it very obvious where they were in the crowd by cheering and screaming the lyrics. He also sang songs such as “Eloise” and “Ceiling Fan.” As the night came to an end, McPoland closed his set with his first single release from the album Piggy, “Digital Silence.” Peter has less than ten shows left on his tour so be sure to check him out if he’s in a town nearby.

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