P.O.D. at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI

P.O.D. arrived in the Motor City to bring a live, twenty-year anniversary of the band’s iconic album Satellite to the metal hungry fans of Saint Andrews Hall.

A blistering heatwave with record-breaking temperatures is abruptly interrupted with a monsoon-style rainstorm soaking concertgoers lining the blocks of downtown Detroit. These moist and steamy, music-loving metal-heads eagerly await the pearly gates of Saint Andrews Hall to swing open, granting them access to the musical treasures within. And tonight’s prize? Just through those mystical gates, and into the rumbling bowels of this historic venue can be found…your escape! The power quartet of rock/metal/hip hop known as Payable On Death (aka P.O.D.) awaits…

The time has arrived: 9:30pm sharp, and the stage lights of Saint Andrews Hall ignite to reveal the smiling squad from SoCal… P.O.D. Singer and frontman, Sonny Sandoval waves to the roaring army of metalheads, sporting his famous childlike smile as the band fires out the first notes of “Set It Off.” The Hall explodes with energy, as Sandoval begins to move to the rhythm of his bandmates cutting grooves and infectious riffs. The night is underway and P.O.D. has hit the stage at full throttle! The hit single “Alive” rolls out next, and the crowd responds immediately, singing along with Sandoval as he delivers the lyrics that are so appropriate for tonight’s historical performance in Detroit. “BOOM” is the explosive and energetic follow-up, prompting the band and crowd to jump and bump in unison as the thunderous chorus comes around, again and again, blasting eardrums to a buzzing delight. Sandoval relentlessly whips the stage with his mic cable while jumping about like a heavy metal grasshopper. Bandmate, Marcos Curiel’s guitar grinding, milks his signature Paul Reed Smith guitar for note after note as grinning fans move to the tune’s powerful riffs.

Gears change as “Youth Of A Nation” gives our crowd a chance to recover as everyone passionately sings along with Sonny and one of the album’s biggest hits. This song was Grammy nominated in 2003 for “Best Hard Rock Performance” and drew inspiration from the school shooting of the time, including the Columbine High School shooting. “Celestial,” the album’s title track “Satellite,” and “Ridiculous,” bowl over the audience with a great response. Drummer Wuv Bernardo and bass player Mark “Traa” Daniels are on point and keep the heavy groove right in the pocket for the entire night. Bernardo, master percussionist and groove monster Daniels have this unique chemistry that guides P.O.D. through those sexy turnarounds and slick timing changes (and also evident by their 30 years of teamwork as the rhythm section of P.O.D.). “The Messenjah,” “Anything Right,” and “Ghetto” keep the energy going and the fans moving to the band’s rifftastic sounds with a seemingly unending flow of concert-goer energy. Following the album format to a “T,” delivering studio-quality versions of each track, the SoCal quad hits hard with “Masterpiece Conspiracy,” “Without Jah, Nothin'” and the deeply emotional and moving tune, “Thinking About Forever.” Cake topped with the album’s 15th track, the powerful tune “Portrait,” and fans have laid claim to full deluxities of ticket money well spent. But wait… there’s more! Sonny and team P.O.D. treat the crowd to eight more tunes, above and beyond the album’s 15 track line-up. The boys proceed to rip through “Soundboy Killa,” “Roots In Stereo,” “Sleeping Awake,” “Tribal,” and a smoking version of “Southtown.” “Domino” and “The Awakening” keep the crowd’s energies electric, and P.O.D. brings our night to a close with a mic-dropping rendition of “Outkast.”

As the last notes ring out through the crowd, and the house lights begin to shine, they reveal a crowd of sweaty, smiling, and deeply connected concertgoers, all thankful for the musical memories P.O.D. has left with us this evening. For many in attendance, this was a deep and moving event as it was their first live performance since the pandemic. That being said, who better to spend it with than the boys from SoCal, P.O.D.- Payable On Death.

Concert goers and music lovers, be sure to get your tickets today for P.O.D.’s Satellite Tour 21. Check the band’s official website for touring dates and details. 

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