Graveshadow at The Funhouse in Seattle, WA

Summer weather finally hit Seattle but the real heat wave arrived when the Uncertain Hour Tour stopped at The Funhouse.

The Uncertain Hour Tour with Graveshadow and Vintersea arrived at Seattle’s The Funhouse on a hot, red sunset evening. Also on the bill were Veriteras and Materia Obscura. The Funhouse is a quirky, sci-fi, clown-themed performance area directly adjacent to the much larger El Corazon venue. Before the night’s event kicked off, fans cooled off with their favorite craft brew while playing on one of the many vintage pinball machines that lined the walls of The Funhouse.

First up was local death metal band Veriteras. The Seattle quartet recently toured Finland in support of their debut full-length album Shadow of Death. Veriteras was full of energy and had the crowd headbanging along from the very first song. Their 30-minute set was a mix of thrash and hardcore with a hint of punk. In between songs, the band engaged in playful conversations with the crowd. “Slave to Fear” and “Vertigo” were fan favorites that had audience members screaming and throwing their horns in the air. 

Materia Obscura is a melodic death metal band with Ryan Yancey (lead vocals/drums), Ed (guitar/composer), Zaher Siryani (bass), and Nichola Welles (guitar). The quartet performed as a trio, but it did not affect their sound one bit. Opening with a dreamy waltz track that built in intensity until Yancey blast beat his way into the first verse. Yancey is a mastermind behind the kit and it was mesmerizing watching him perform on the drums and perform the lead vocals. 

Ed on lead guitars shredded like someone who has obviously spent years mastering his craft and skill. All three members paired so in sync with each other and played with a fierce focus. With the exception of Yancey announcing the song titles, little was spoken to the crowd. However, no words were needed to enjoy their performance. During the longer songs, it felt as if you were hearing a metal jam session. The single “Crop Circles” got the most roars from the crowd. 

VINTERSEA walked through the crowd and hopped onstage next. If their name sounds familiar, it could be you remember them from 2021’s Metal Injections’s Slay at Home series.

The most fascinating aspect about this band is the vocalist, Avienne, who performs both clean and unclean vocals. Listening to Vintersea before seeing them live, you might think there are two individual vocalists. The band mixes doom and black metal with progressive metal core. There is a hint of alternative pop-punk stylings in their sound as well.

Avienne captured the attention of the audience with every lyric. Dancing gracefully with her arms softly flowing in the air one moment and then reaching high into the crowd, curling her fingers into a powerful fist the next. When the crowd seemed too far away she demanded they come closer to the stage. It was in that intimate space between Avienne and the fans up front where you could witness the intense connection she had with them.

Closing out their set was “Fiery Tongue” which brought guitarist Riley Nix to the forefront. Nix rocked back and forth on his guitar, snarling and screaming. Sometimes stopping to hold a menacing stare to those in the crowd. 

After their set, fans lovingly swarmed the band for autographs which held up the unloading of gear through the only entry/exit in the venue but no one seemed to mind. It was nice to see fans having the ultimate experience that didn’t involve an expensive V.I.P ticket.

After a brief sound check, it was time for the night’s final act, Graveshadow. The symphonic metal band started their set with “Soldier of 34,” the first track of their recently released album The Uncertain Hour. Graveshadow’s powerful third album tells the story of overcoming challenges and having the courage to carry on. 

In addition to the new album, there are also new additions to the current band lineup. There’s a new vocalist, Rachl “Raxx” Quinn, Luci Rae on bass, and Bones Padilla on drums. They all paired perfectly with original guitarists William Lloyd Walker and Aaron Robitsch. 

The band played several more songs from the new album, which is a collective mix of thrash, doom, and melodic metal. Watching Graveshadow live was pure performance art. Each movement on stage between each band member seemed thoughtfully choreographed. Vocalist Quinn’s high range, tone, and endurance were astonishing and commendable considering the rising temperature. Her powerhouse presence was larger than the stage and something you would expect to see in an arena. Fans of Nightwish and Within Temptation will appreciate Quinn’s style but those with classically trained ears will admire her notes.

Jumping in on vocals for the evening was guitarist Robitsch who covered both clean and unclean vocals. Robitsch was really fun to watch as he would raise his guitar, thrash his hair about, and move around the stage without missing a beat or a note. He seemed to have a special bond with bassist Rae. Each seemed to have moments where they would raise their instruments to each other, almost as if they were engaging in a dance.

While it was hard to see new drummer Bones Padilla, it wasn’t hard to hear his impeccable timing and remarkable double-timed kicks. One of the standout moments was the complete synchronicity between all members of the band as they headbanged. Each hair flip was pure precision and sheer beauty to capture through the lens. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this band headlining another tour soon. There is a uniqueness about them that is hard to describe and one that should be celebrated on a much larger platform. 

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