Fall Out Boy at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA

Pop rock favorite Fall Out Boy melted faces and brought the heat to Bristow, VA on their So Much For (Tour) Dust Tour.

Despite the sweltering heat of July laying heavy in the air, it wasn’t enough to keep fans away from this highly anticipated concert. Before the emo favorites took the stage, Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH) stirred the crowd up and brought the energy.

Kicking off their set with one of their newest singles, “AmEN!,” the metalcore band that has continued to reinvent their sound with each new release, brought the fire early on. Singer Oli Sykes appeared to the crowd with what felt like a somber demeanor, only to transform quickly into an energy that had him crossing the stage in just a matter of seconds. 

The energy briefly had to take a moment to simmer early into the set as the band had some technical issues that needed to be dealt with behind the scenes. During this time, Sykes took it upon himself to keep the crowd engaged by making comments about preparing the crowd for the rest of the evening and building their hype up. Pretty soon, things were back on track and the heavy hitters were able to continue without missing a beat. 

Playing favorites like “Teardrops,” “MANTRA,” and “Can You Feel My Heart,” as well as new releases like “LosT” and “sTraNgeRs,” BMTH not only had the entire crowd mesmerized throughout their entire set, but had everyone up and moving on what was one of the hottest days the area has seen this year. Concert-goers were even treated to Sykes making his way through and around the crowd, offering everyone a chance to get a closer glimpse of the singer.

At this time, the crowd may have been feeling the July heat, but they were energized and ready for the headliners to take the stage. Everyone in attendance could feel the excitement buzzing throughout the amphitheater. The intense heat was almost forgotten in the anticipation for Fall Out Boy. Kicking off their rather impressive set, the beloved emo band performed “Love From the Other Side” with such ferocity, there was no way anyone could remain seated. The covered seating area was completely packed and the lawn was swallowed up by the multitude of concert-goers. 

Even with the July humidity bearing down, Fall Out Boy brought their own heat literally in the form of fireworks and other pyrotechnics. At one point, guitarist Pete Wentz even had a flamethrower attached to one of his guitars that he swayed back and forth while flames shot out. This production was truly a sight to behold but never felt like it was too much. Even with the pyrotechnics, the confetti, the bubbles, and even the giant inflatable dog head that appeared on stage, it all felt like it fit with the show and never overpowered the band itself. 

The emo favorites performed a wide variety from their discography, including early hits like “Sugar, We’re Goin Down,” “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race,” and “Thnks fr th Mmrs.” The band offered something for everyone in attendance, whether they had been fans from the beginning or had recently discovered the group. Like what Sykes did during Bring Me the Horizon’s set, Wentz also found himself walking through and around the crowd while playing hit song “Dance, Dance.” The band rounded out the show with heavy-hitter “Centuries,” before closing down the night with one of their earliest tracks, “Saturday.” 

Fall Out Boy is one of those bands that has found a home in the hearts of many over their twenty-plus years as a group. The tour will conclude on August 6, 2023, in Camden, NJ at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion.

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