BottleRock Festival 2024 Day Three at Napa Valley Expo in Napa Valley, CA

Day three of BottleRock saw Ed Sheeran shine amongst stellar performances by The Queens of the Stone Age, The Beaches, The Offspring, and others.

BottleRock 2024 concluded its third day with a resounding success, featuring a lineup that spanned genres and generations, culminating in a memorable headline performance by Ed Sheeran. The sun-drenched Sunday offered festival-goers an eclectic mix of rock, pop, and alternative acts, ensuring there was something for everyone in the crowd.

Kicking off the day was Jane Leo whose sultry and soulful set provided a smooth entry into the day’s festivities. Their performance, characterized by intricate melodies and lush harmonies, set a relaxed tone for the early afternoon. The duo’s chemistry was palpable, and their sound, a blend of vintage pop and modern indie, resonated well with the growing audience.

Following Jane Leo, The Beaches brought a refreshing burst of rock ‘n’ roll energy to the stage. The band from Toronto delivered a spirited set that was equal parts gritty and glamorous. Tracks like “Snake Tongue” and “Fascination” were crowd favorites, and the band’s charisma and stage presence were undeniable. Their infectious energy kept the crowd moving and set the bar high for the acts to follow.

British band Tors was up next, delivering an emotionally charged performance. Their heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals captivated the audience. Songs like “We Say No” and “Wilder Days” showcased their ability to blend introspective songwriting with anthemic choruses, making them a standout act of the afternoon.

Stephen Sanchez‘s set provided a contrast with his nostalgic blend of 50s-inspired ballads and modern indie flair. His heartfelt performance of “Until I Found You” had the audience swaying and singing along, creating an intimate atmosphere amidst the festival bustle. Sanchez’s ability to connect with the audience through his poignant lyrics and emotive delivery made his set a memorable highlight of the day.

As the afternoon sun began to mellow, the afternoon bliss began as Norah Jones graced the stage with her signature blend of jazz, pop, and soul. Her smooth, velvety voice was a perfect accompaniment to the warm Napa Valley breeze. Jones’ set was a masterclass in musicianship, featuring hits like “Don’t Know Why” and “Come Away With Me.” Her effortless charm and the serene ambiance she created provided a delightful respite for festival-goers.

Forest Day’s set brought a blend of indie-rock, Americana, and hip-hop, his raw sound and introspective lyrics striking a chord with the VIP Village crowd.

The evening surge began with The Scarlet Opera who injected a dose of theatricality into the evening with their dramatic performance. Their flamboyant stage presence and genre-blending sound, combining elements of glam rock and operatic pop, captivated the audience. The band’s showmanship and bold aesthetic were a feast for both the eyes and ears, making for a truly unique live experience.

Punk rock veterans The Offspring delivered a raucous set that was a trip down memory lane for many attendees. The crowd erupted when Ed Sheeran made a surprise appearance, joining the band for a rendition of “Self Esteem.” The unexpected collaboration was a thrilling moment, blending Sheeran’s pop sensibilities with The Offspring’s punk rock edge, and it was met with enthusiastic approval from the audience.

Queens of the Stone Age followed, delivering a powerhouse performance that showcased their mastery of desert rock. Their setlist, filled with heavy riffs and hypnotic rhythms, included fan favorites like “No One Knows” and “Go With The Flow.” The band’s intensity and musicianship were in full force, providing a fitting prelude to the night’s headliner.

As the night fell, headliner Ed Sheeran took to the stage, greeted by a sea of cheering fans. Armed with his loop pedal and acoustic guitar, Sheeran proved once again why he is one of the most beloved artists of his generation. His set was a journey through his extensive catalog, from heartfelt ballads like “Thinking Out Loud” to upbeat anthems like “Shape of You.” Sheeran’s ability to command the stage alone, creating a rich tapestry of sound, was nothing short of mesmerizing.

The evening ended on a high note with Sheeran’s performance of “Perfect,” as the audience sang along, creating a unified chorus that echoed through the Napa Valley night.

Day three of BottleRock was a testament to the power of live music, bringing together diverse acts and unforgettable moments in a perfect celebration of sound and community. The bar for a perfect musical weekend has been set even higher, until next year, BottleRock!

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