Alanna Royale at Exit/In in Nashville, TN

R&B and soul singer Alanna Royale celebrates her new single release at the iconic Exit/In.

As we reach the height of summer, temperatures are starting to reach constant highs. But that isn’t stopping Nashville from coming out to see some amazing bands.

The show was kicked off with popular Nashville band, Brassville, promising to bring “a whole lot of brass, with a whole lot of class, for your a**.” The eight-piece band began their set with covers of songs “Wade in the Water” and “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Around this time, the crowd began to interact with trombonist MarVelous Brown as he gave them permission to “shake what your mama gave ya.” They continued playing through songs with lyrics such as, “shake your brass,” “wave goodbye to your haters,” and even played their own rendition of Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean.”

Coming from Albany, NY, Alanna Royale has been making a name for herself here in Music City as a must-see artist. Her debut album, Achilles, was released in 2014, and she’s since made appearances at major festivals such as Bonnaroo and Loufest. She even had the opportunity to tour with The Alabama Shakes but decided to pursue music as Alanna Royale instead of background singing. Since her album, she’s also released an EP, entitled So Bad You Can Taste It.

Now that concerts are officially making their return following the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone is super excited to get out to see their favorite artists. After almost a year and a half since her last show, it is finally time for Royale’s music to see the light of day, beginning with her single “Fall In Love Again.”

Before Royale walked on stage, the not-so-filled room suddenly became packed and people started crowding the stage. Then as soon as Royale came out, the room was filled with cheers and screams.

Royale opened the night with favorites from her 2018 EP “Cruel Cruel World” and “It’s Not Yours.” Afterward, she explained how the new songs she’s written played an important role in carrying her through the past year and a half.

About halfway through her set, Royale gives an inside look at how she’s felt this past year and how it feels to finally be back on stage. She talks about how excited she’s been and announced that she was signed to Colemine Records. She followed by introducing her new single “Fall In Love Again.” Driven with funky electric guitar chords and beautiful brass notes, she literally had the crowd falling in love with her music.

Towards the end of her set, she gave a shout out to Brassville and expressed her displeasure with the community in Nashville. “Last time I went to see Brassville, I was one of like three white people there,” Royale said. “We’re gonna have a talk real quick, Nashville, because I’ve lived here almost a decade and the f***ing segregation at shows across musical communities, that s*** don’t stand with me…” She continued stating, “There’s s*** poppin’ off in this city all over the place and I can’t tell you how much we’re all missing out on because we’re so f***ing separate. I don’t want it to be like that…”

The crowd roared in agreement and it became more than just a celebration of Royale’s own musical achievements, but a reminder that there is so much local talent that we should be supporting.

Make sure you check out Brassville. They play every Wednesday in July at 3rd and Lindsley. And don’t forget to stream Alanna Royale’s new single “Fall In Love Again” on all streaming platforms.

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