Sudden Sky by Crown the Empire

Crown the Empire returns with the most evolved and polished piece of work that has been created by them since they popped onto the scene.

Crown the Empire three words that, at this point, signify a very well-polished and meaningful evolution of metalcore that is presented in a relatable way. While the length of the album is just the average length, there is absolutely no filler. Even though the intro track “(X)” is just spoken poetry, it does a great job of laying out the foundation for what the band’s brand new album on Rise Records, Sudden Sky is going to be. The band does not take an ordinary or vanilla route. Every single song sounds different and is a mixture of every element that Crown the Empire has experimented with up to this point in their career.

This album has so many musical elements, but they all feel necessary for this collection of work. While there are songs that reflect the raw power and heaviness that the band has, there is also room for a more intimate setting. CTE can go from songs like “20/20” which combines heavy with a bouncy chorus to songs like “March of the Ignorant” which really highlights the message and the vocals of Andy Leo. This song is definitely one of the most unique and standout tracks of the newest album. Layered throughout the entire tracklist, they tiptoe through several other genres which are combined in a way that makes each take a surprise rather than making it feel repetitive to the listener.

Messages are an important part of an album, too. Every single song features a very intimate message and it feels like the band felt more comfortable in revealing their true self. This is evident in the song “BLURRY (out of place)” and even in the title itself as you can see with the caps on the outside of the parentheses while on the inside, it is all lowercase. This spreads a message that even if we are different and don’t belong, together as one, we could be something beautiful and needed. There is so much positive and real energy sprinkled throughout the Sudden Sky. There is so much content for the listener’s mind and ears to enjoy.

While some bands choose to take the same routes, this was not the case with CTE. They presented something beautiful from front to back. They chose to reveal themselves via the message and chose to take risks musically that paid off. CTE should be proud of what they have created and continue the evolution to show that mixing and producing something outside the box can be done. Sudden Sky will release on July 19th on Rise Records.


Be sure to catch these guys on tour with Attila starting July 26th at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA through August 25th at the House of Blues in San Diego, CA.

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