Interview with Davy Knowles

We caught up with Davy Knowles to discuss his upcoming album and hear a live performance of two of his new songs.

While the global pandemic hit the entire world and was something we all collectively suffered through, it affected all of us in different ways. The music industry was particularly badly affected with music venues being shuttered with some never to reopen their doors, and tours were immediately and indefinitely halted. 

As with most musicians, Davy Knowles looked to different creative outlets and put together Club Quarantine. The live streams and exclusive content were a way to keep in touch with the fans, give him a musical outlet, and for fans to get their fix that they were unable to get in person. It was a great Band-Aid, however, live-streams are no substitute for the real thing, standing in a sweaty music hall with like-minded people and seeing your favorite musicians perform. 

Naturally feeling burned out from the situation and working out some issues of his own, Davy put down the electric guitar, picked up his trusty lifelong friend, his 1932 National guitar, and the music just started to pour out of him (and the guitar). The result has been a step away from what his fans are used to and towards a stripped-back, one-man singer-songwriter approach. 

August 25th will see the release of his deeply personal and heartfelt new album titled If I Should Wander. If the songs we’ve heard so far are anything to go by, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the new material. 

Davy came to Loud Hailer HQ to discuss the upcoming album and the thought process driving the songs on this album, changes in the music industry today, and to give us a live performance of two of his new songs – “The Only Son” and “If I Should Wander.”

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