Davy Knowles at The Roxy in Rochester, MI

Davy Knowles gets fired up for the studio with a live show packed with new music at the Roxy in Rochester, MI.

As Davy Knowles mentioned somewhere on the interwebs (perhaps it was Facebook), he was taking the band on a bit of a sprinter tour. A short run of live dates to get the band hot and tight just before entering into SHIRK Studios in Chicago to record a new album. The audience at the fabulous listening room of The Roxy in Rochester received a full helping of new songs to whet their appetite for a new record.

Davy Knowles is a young man with an old soul. Whether you caught him back in the day with Back Door Slam or happened upon him at tonight’s show, there is an air of familiarity that shines. It could be his vibrant vocals, it could be the casual interplay between the band and the audience, it could be his vividly expressive and emotional guitar, or it could be the prowess of his songwriting. No matter the cause, the effect is a concert experience that leaves you amazed, exhilarated, and grateful.

Tonight, Davy opens up with four new tunes destined for his new album. Joining Davy on stage is long-time bassist Tod Michael Bowers and drummer Mike Hansen. They work together like hot butter on a biscuit – comfortable, warm, and delicious. 

The new music finds Davy building on his foundational blues while continuing to explore heartland rock with soulful introspection. One new song that will surely become a fan favorite is “Invisible Man.” This stomping blues is powerful medicine. The tone is dark and potent with lyrics that drive hard and deep into being overshadowed, ignored, and forgotten. 

Another outstanding new song is “All My Life.” There is a John Mellencamp meets Tom Petty pulse that beats with a heartland vibe. It is a refreshing song that feels familiar which makes for instant and uplifting satisfaction. The chorus invites the audience to be part of the music. You can’t help but smile and dance to this dandy tune.

While the focus of tonight’s show is new music, Davy made sure to throw in a few tunes from his catalog. Sharing his love for soul and R&B, Davy put on a masterclass in dynamics with “Hell To Pay.” Each member of the band poured their pensive passion into each note. Davy is one of those gifted musicians who is as expressive with his guitar as he is with his voice. On this song, you could hear the tears of loss and the triumphant cries of someone recovering from a broken heart emanating from his mouth and his hands. The ending was a treat as Davy, Tod, and Mike slowly faded the music into the mist.

Tod and Mike each took a few minutes in the spotlight during a full-throttle version of “Outside Woman Blues.” This song has been a blues staple in Davy’s shows. Together, these exemplary musicians stretched their wings with magnetic solos.

A call from the audience asked the band for “Almost Cut My Hair” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Davy made a deal with the audience. They’d play one more song, pop off stage for the obligatory encore cheer, and then pop back with a look of “surprise” to play one more tune. Davy and the band finished off their two-hour performance with “No More to Weep” (another stellar new song). They then smiled broadly, headed off stage for one minute tops, and came back again with big smiles. As requested, they played an outstanding version of “Almost Cut My Hair.” This was greeted with joyful applause and a standing ovation.

Davy then made his way to the merchandise table toward the bar area of The Roxy. Here he met with fans to say hello, sign merchandise, and take photos. For many, this was the icing on a delightful night. Davy Knowles gave an impeccable performance that clearly captured the hearts of the audience and left everyone wanting more.

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