The Criticals at Ruins in Dallas, TX

The Criticals @ Ruins, Dallas TX | Photo by Lauryn Singletary

Sunday night, high-energy rock band The Criticals graced the citizens of Dallas, TX with their presence by performing at Deep Ellum’s Ruins.

The Criticals are a Nashville-based rock band. The band got its start after the release of their debut EP Mimosa Hygiene back in 2019. Thanks to the hit “Treat Ya Better,” the band has taken off since. In 2020, they released their first album, Sour Grapes. Even though the album only has seven tracks, the self-produced album showcases the talent and passion of the band. Earlier this year the band released their latest single, “United States of Chemicals” along with two other songs. 

The Criticals were supported by rock group CHLSY. This band is also a Nashville-native band and consists of Chelsea Gilliland (lead vocals/guitar), Sean Swanson (bass), Sawyer Dodds (drums), and friend Jon Ezzo (guitar). Chelsea took the stage with a cast on her right foot and explained that she obtained the injury from fighting off armadillos to protect Sean. The 90s-sounding crew did an amazing job of warming up the audience. They performed some of their newly released songs such as “Garden” and “555.” Nearing the end of the set, Chelsea and Jon joined the crowd while having a riff-off of sorts.

The Nashville rock band is made up of Parker Forbes (lead vocals) and Cole Shugart (lead guitar/vocals). Along with the duo, friends David Meadows (bass/vocals), Tyelen Gibbs (drums/vocals), and J. Rudolfo Rosas (guitar/vocals) accompanied them. The group is on the road for their 2022 headlining tour. Fresh from the events the day before at July Jam, in Brownwood, TX, the band left nothing behind and brought everything they had to Ruins.

With an anticipating crowd, The Criticals took the stage at about 8:15. They started the night with the latest single, “United States of Chemicals.” After a second of hesitation, the crowd found comfort in the music and began to loosen up and have a good time. They also sang some songs from their album Sour Grapes such as “Kansas City” and “Talk Now.” Mid-set, the crowd formed a mosh pit which Forbes enthusiastically joined at one point. 

Nearing the end of their set, the band performed an impressive cover of The Clash’s infamous “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” They closed the show with “Under Your Nose” and “Crocodile Tears,” but after chants of “encore,” the band returned to the stage and performed the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated.” While leaving the venue, audience members could be heard gushing about how that was one of the best shows they had ever attended. So, it’s safe to say The Criticals left a good impression on the city of Dallas.

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