The Aces at The UC Theatre in Berkeley, CA

The Aces brought their second to last show of their US I’ve Loved You For So Long Tour to Berkeley.

The tour, which has been going on for a couple of months, is named after The Aces‘ third album which they released in June of this year. To start the night, they performed “Always Get This Way,” the first single they released to start the new era. After that, they followed it up with other singles “Don’t Freak” and “Solo.”

The Aces are always a fun band to see, they have so much stage presence and musical talent, along with the natural chemistry that comes with playing together for over a decade. That talent/chemistry was apparent during “Girls Make Me Wanna Die” when Cristal, Katie, and McKenna were all rocking out on the floor during the guitar solo. Along with playing their new songs from the album, they also played some songs from their 2018 debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic. Before their song “Fake Nice,” Cristal said, “Alright Berkeley we’re throwing it back” and the crowd instantly reacted and sang along to every word.

Halfway through the show Cristal took a moment to thank the crowd for being there and that this album was very special and meaningful to them all. But especially to Cristal because she said she felt the same way writing this album as she did when she was 14 and closeted and just all those emotions spilling out. She also talked about how for each of them being in the band and being able to play in different places every night and having people actually understand their music means everything to them. After that speech, they then proceeded to play Cristal’s favorite song from the album, “Stop Feeling,” one of their slower songs, and encouraged everyone to sing along.

After that, they kicked things up a notch to get people moving again by performing “Attention.” After that, things just kept moving along and they were almost at the end of their set. But the band checked in and wanted to see if everyone was still with them for their last couple of songs and to give them everything you have left in your body. They also wanted everyone to sing as loud as they could, especially for their next song “Volcanic Love.” They said that every time they come to the Bay Area, no matter what, the crowd always sings that song the loudest compared to any other city.

After that, they had just two songs left, “Daydream” and “Stuck,” which were crowd favorites to end on. Fans were sad to see the night end but with a band like The Aces, you can usually expect more music and another tour soon. 

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