Muse at the United Center in Chicago, IL

Muse rounded off their North American tour with a night at Chicago’s United Center before heading back to Europe.

Back in December, Muse performed at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom for a show that, by their standards, was a rather intimate affair.  Luckily the Windy City didn’t have to wait long before they returned for their signature full production show, and it was everything you would hope for.

The moment the house lights went down, and the first beat of “Algorithm” rang out across the United Center, the cheers of the excited crowd reached a crescendo. A spotlight shone on drummer Dominic Howard as he pounded the drums, and he was joined by the dancers who marched in time as the electronic lights on their outfits and glasses pulsed in unison. 

Matt Bellamy is clearly a master of many things. To start with, he certainly knows how to make an entrance. His voice could be heard long before he made an appearance, building the excitement that bit more, before he emerged from the center of the walkway stage to deafening screams from the fans. As he rose from beneath the stage, he held his hand aloft to reflect the perfectly placed laser beams back out into the audience.

Chris Wolstenholme joined his two bandmates on the stage to complete the three-piece’s sound, a sound which is much larger than the three of them. Each of them had their roles to play throughout the night, and it was executed to exquisite perfection. 

If you’ve never seen Muse live before, you truly are missing out. The production of their live show is second to none, and brings the music to life. The show is a genuine feast for both the eyes and ears. The clips that you might see on YouTube do not do it justice. It’s not just a full stage production, but often a full arena production as lasers shine across the room. Each tour has their crowning moment, and while there were numerous stand out moments throughout the night, the pièce de résistance for this tour is when the larger than life Murph the Robot climbs up at the back of the stage, with his jaw chomping and hand reaching for Bellamy. 

The attention to detail is outstanding throughout, including when Bellamy’s face was projected onto the large screen at the back of the stage, with the lyrics of “Madness” displayed on his glasses as he sang. Whilst the stage production is a large part of their show, it does not take away from the musicianship on display. Bellamy’s signature voice with his extensive vocal range can’t help but impress anyone in attendance. Another moment of recognition for the talented musician comes when he picks up the guitar and effortlessly belts out the numerous complicated, riffs and licks often while singing at the same time. Throughout the show, Bellamy had the audience’s attention fixed firmly on him. One wave of his arm and the crowd started swaying theirs back and forth in unison immediately. The front rows surrounding the walkway stage erupted as he climbed down from the stage to high five those against the railings.

This is one of those bands you don’t need to be a die-hard fan to go and see. There will be songs you know from the radio and there is something for everyone to enjoy.  

With the North American part of this tour over and the band head over for their summer European tour, here’s hoping it won’t be too long before they are back Stateside again. Luckily, they never seem to be too far away, and long may it continue.

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