Corey Taylor at The Forge in Joliet, IL

Finally, live music is back! What better way to celebrate it than with Corey MF Taylor and the Cherry Bombs.

Just days before the whole state of Illinois hits Phase 5 and everything finally reopens, there was already a sense of normalcy returning. Every day seems to bring the announcement of another tour and Joliet was honored with not just one, but three sold-out nights of Corey Taylor. We were there to capture the first night at The Forge and it was everything we needed and have longed for over the last 15 months – rock, live music, passionate performances, and a room full of people!

If you’ve got tickets for this tour, make sure you get yourself along for the special guests, Cherry Bombs. Their choreographed routines were something to behold. The “Macabaret” combined dancing, acrobatic displays, lots of flames, and a smattering of horror, all supported by a soundtrack that included Metallica and Rob Zombie, just to name a few. The hour-long set moved between the stage and the center of the floor and more than grasped your attention throughout. 

Next, it was time for Corey MF Taylor to take to the stage. This was a seated and socially distanced show. Whilst it felt a little strange seeing a rock show in this format, it was great to be able to experience live music again after such a long hiatus. It did not put a dampener on the evening one bit. People stood up at their seats and rocked out regardless of the setup. 

All three shows sold out immediately and it was clear to see why. Taylor put on an impassioned performance, covering his solo material from CMFT, as well as songs from his bands Stone Sour and Slipknot. Some of the standout songs of the evening were “Silverfish,” “Samantha’s Gone,” and “Black Eyes Blue,” all of which received a great response from the emphatic audience. The evening changed gear when his band, the Morning Dudes, left the stage and Taylor took to the piano to perform an emotional “Home” which he dedicated to his wife Alicia who was a member of the Cherry Bombs. 

The song that really got the crowd going, however, was Slipknot’s “Snuff” which is rarely performed live. The few remaining seated fans took to their feet to show their appreciation for this song. 

The evening will be remembered for so many things – great music, fun atmosphere, and a feeling of normality returning. Taylor clearly was loving every minute of being back on the stage, a feeling that reciprocated by the fans who were lucky enough to secure tickets to the hottest show in town. We’ve all missed live music so much over the last year, and it felt amazing to be able to scratch that itch once again. What made it even better was that it wasn’t just any old show, but getting to see Corey MF Taylor felt like the concert season has been well and truly kicked off in the manner it deserved. 

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