Avatar at Big Night Live in Boston, MA

Swedish metal band Avatar goes hunting at Big Night Live in Boston, MA for their 2021 Going Hunting Tour. 

Avatar brought along special guest Tallah and Magic Sword on their recent stop in Boston. This tour is the first European headliner to tour the United States since the beginning of the covid pandemic in 2020. The 36-tour date kicked off Sept 1, 2021, in Albany, NY.

The first band to hit the stage was Pennsylvania nu-core metal band Tallah. They kicked the night off with a five-song set, which featured a mix of songs from their 2020 release Matriphagy. The first song of the set was “No One Should Read This.” A good portion of the crowd was unfamiliar with them when they first started playing. After a song or two, the crowd started feeling their vibe. Once the set was over the crowd gave them a well-deserved applause.     

Next up was an electronic trio based out of Boise, ID called Magic Sword. The band is known for wearing masks and cloaks during their set. They keep their faces and bodies completely hidden. Their set was just about in complete darkness. The only lights showing were the band’s masks that had lights going straight across their line of vision. Each member had a different color revealing who they were by their specific color. The keyboardist, known as The Keeper, was red. The guitarist, known as The Seer, was blue. The final member on drums, knows as The Weaver, was yellow. They are currently touring for their 2020 release Endless.

The time has come for what the fans had been waiting all night for, the amazing Avatar. The band comes out to the stage with the lights dim and an alarm sounding in the background. They stood at the edge of the stage in formation, completely still for a short time, until the drummer, John Alfredsson, starts the first beat of one of their newest songs “Colossus,” taken from their eighth studio album, Hunter Gatherer. It didn’t take long for the crowd to become active. They had waited over a year to hear them perform live. They brought tons of energy.

The show was filled with an 18-song setlist with heavy music, great showmanship, and energy. They continued to get the crowd moving with the whole center of the crowd becoming a massive mosh pit. The night was filled with many of their most popular songs such as “Let it Burn,” “Bloody Angel,” “The Eagle has Landed” and even threw in a few new songs such as “Silence in the Age of Apes,” “Going Hunting,” ” A Secret Door,” just to name a few. By this time, the show was underway in spectacular fashion with an impressive light show. The crowd is moving and the band is killing it on stage. The energy was in full force. 

Before the encore, lead vocalist Johannes Eckerstrom, with his makeup running down his face, addresses the crowd to tell a short story about what it is like to play in different cities in front of different types of fans. He states, “It is all the same because where we go we play for metalheads. We are all very different but standing up here, they all look the same. We have done our best to pour out our souls and hope you will do the same.” He goes on to describe the smell in the air and sniffs his armpits. This begins the intro to “Smells like a Freak Show.” The crowd erupts for the final two songs of the night which ends with a crowd favorite in “Hail the Apocalypse.” 

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